February 27, 2008

Wait weren't we just talking about "63 wins"?


- Meet the newest Wing, Brad Stuart, and his stupid fucking family. Sorry if I sound a little bitter, but the usually reliable Ken Holland kinda shat his pants on this one. I thought that amid this horrid losing streak we might see some kind of shakeup, and by that I don't mean a last-minute trade for a lousy defenseman. I honestly wouldn't have lost much sleep over giving up Hudler or Filppula, but I know the Red Wings front office has a constant hard-on for seeing these little Euro guys reach what they think will be their maximum potential. The days of Bill Ranford and Wendel Clark are long gone, I suppose (wait, those guys were sucky deadline deals.......oh fuck it). I'm sure the Stuart family is lovely or whatever.

- The prelude to the Tigers raping of the American League started today. Brandon Inge hit a homerun, and then he t-bagged Gene Lamont as he rounded 3rd to show his disgust for the team.

- More seats at Comerica?


Red Wings 3-4 Oilers (shootout)

Just a speedy-quick recap of the game and then I'm off to Bad Dream Land where my soul will be haunted by the darkest of fears for tomorrow's ominous midterm exam...

- I don't like the Shootout, and not just because we lost. The Oilers have 13 shootout wins. Thirteen. That's an amazing portion of their overall win total aided by a gimmick that feels like it belongs in an Over 40 league.

- Osgood was fantastic. The way he was moving from post to post was (obligatory usage of the phrase "cat-like" coming up- ) cat-like. His double-stacked pad save right before the second goal was one of his best of the season, and he even robbed that little Gagner fucker in the shootout.

- Dallas Drake accomplished a rare feet. It was likely the first time ever that I saw a player on a breakaway, and turned my attention back to my homework because I already knew he was going to miss. Witnessing that entire sequence would be as suspenseful as watching time change on a clock.

- Filppula: both frustrating and amazing. In a span of 2 minutes nearing the end of the 3rd period, he had two nearly identical scoring chances -- the first one can hardly be classified as a chance because he was too chicken shit to take the shot, which nearly sent me on a murderous rampage. Seriously, it's starting to drive me mad how he passes up open shots to peel around the net or back to the corner to look for something even more opportunistic. Just take the fucking shot. And as I was still coming down from my frustrated fit of rage, he wiped it all away with a goal on a wrister from the same spot on the ice. Amazing.

- As Ken Daniels mentioned at least 10 times, Derek Meech had a great game. Clearly his best of the season, which I guess makes it the best of his career. He got a ton of icetime and consistently chose the right time to jump up into the play. He even pulled his nuts out and took a couple of shots. I like that guy.

- I didn't like Lilja or Lebda. Lilja is one more spirit-killing penalty away from forcing me to create the Spirit-Killing Penalty Wikipedia entry in his honor.


Anonymous said...

I love the title of your blog. One question, though... what on earth does it mean to "pull one's nuts out"?

blog said...

I would describe "pulling one's nuts out" as any act that vaguely represents unabashed confidence. Meech took twice as many shots as he has all season, and had 7 more than Zetterberg. It looked like something just clicked with him last night. To contrast this, Jiri Hudler played with the competitive fervor of somebody whose nuts were lodged 6 six inches up his own ass.

Anonymous said...

haha. Okay, thanks, I get it.