July 2, 2008

Hell Yes, part II

Part I was supposed to be yesterday when the Wings resigned Brad Stuart to a 4-year deal. I failed to post anything. Sorry. Regardless, I was excited.

But not half as excited as when I got word that we signed this fucker. Holy shit. We just won the Cup again. Yeah that's a ridiculous statement, so what. I love Ken Holland.


Allan said...

The Wings seem to get a guy under market value, Rafalski last year and Hossa this year.

Why can't the Leafs have a great GM?

Tyler said...

Oh my lord, a comment....Yeah, Holland is a wizard. I try not to sound like an insufferable Wings fan (ok that's a lie), but all of us feel terribly lucky to have him. If he pulls off the signing of Fippula to go with Stuart/Hossa/Conklin, it will be a better-than-perfect offseason. How are Leaf fans dealing with the Sundin ordeal?