July 2, 2008

The Links: Wednesday Night "Marian Hossa" Special Edition

OK, I'm over Mats Sundin now. No way in hell did I think we would get Hossa. So much so that I didn't even entertain the though of dreaming about the guy becoming a Wing. I know he said he wanted to play with a contender, but I assumed that it was just Player Speak for "if we win at least 40 games and I still make 8 to 9 million, everyone else can fuck off." Little did I know that I'd hop on the computer around 1 o'clock today to see the very break-y-est of breaking news, as the first reports came out about the 1 year/$7.4 million signing. So, since it's not everyday that you're favorite team signs the biggest free agent of the off season (suck it, Jagr), here's a special Marian Hossa extravaganza of links. Enjoy, Earth.

  • Hossa a "perfect fit" for the Red Wings system. Yeah, no shit. If Babcock decides to completely load up with Dats/Hank/Hossa (Wow that feels awesome typing that), it's the best line in hockey, hands down, which is funny because D/Z/Homer was the best line in hockey anyway. If he puts Hossa on the the right of Franzen and a hopefully-resigned-Filppula -- which, as of now, I assume would be the set up he goes with -- Fil becomes like twice as good as he is now because he won't be dishing off to a guy (Samuelsson) who confuses the goal for row 8 of section 219. And holy God, what a power play we have now. I want the season to start tomorrow. At 4:30 AM.
  • How the deal went down, how his signing effects (affects? ... too lazy to look it up) the roster, and some glowing remarks about his character -- all from Bruce MacLeod's corner. Excellent reading from MacLeod, as usual. I'm sure he revels in such praise from a guy who he doesn't even know exists. Bruce, if you ever get toasted and search for a picture of Walter Hermann t-bagging a basketball rim and come across this site, I just want to say I enjoy your work. Sure, I could just comment your blog and tell you that directly, but then that would make the last 30 seconds of my life 100% pointless as opposed to the 99.4% it would've been anyway.
  • How they're taking it in Pittsburgh. By the way, The Pensblog is a must-read for me everyday now. Tons of posts, tons of wittily assembled Photoshopped pictures, and funny-as-hell writing to boot. This isn't a groundbreaking find or anything since they have a billion readers already, but still I'm glad I came across them during the Finals. And, like with MacLeod, I'm sure a raving review like that from somebody teetering on the edge of complete anonymity like myself is quite the compliment. You're welcome, guys.
  • The obligatory Marian Hossa Wikipedia page. My favorite part: "In 2000, while playing for the Senators, Hossa accidentally clipped Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Bryan Berard in the eye and almost ended Berard's career." We've got a cold blooded killer on our hands, people.
  • Ken Holland talking about the signing. At the end of the video, Holland, apparently proud of his work, shockingly turns from a good-natured Everyman into a ranting, arrogant lunatic as he tells all the other NHL teams to kiss his nuts. Or he doesn't.
  • And finally, a Hossa highlight real, accompanied by an annoying song to wrap things up.


Kcjacoby said...

Hell yes, I'm right with you, lets start this season right now. However, I feel a little weird about Flip. I see it going one of two ways. He could think that he is much more of a player that he is, demand more money and bail on us, or, he could accept the role he has for now, be assured that the Red Wings have a awesome chance of repeating and stick around.

Damn... How could this offseason get any better?

Tyler said...

Sundin turning down $10 mil from Vancouver to play here for like $1.2? Ok that's a little greedy.