September 29, 2008

The Journey to Comerica Park: Tigers 6 - Rays 4

We do what we can to make it to at least one Tigers game each season. We cut it rather close this year but made it along with 39,000 others to see Detroit play Tampa Bay on a Friday(28th) night where the Rays could have clinched the east (at least it meant something to one of the two teams). In the end Tyler got to keep his streak of "wins while in attendance" going and the Tigers won 6-4. Here's a few of the better pictures I took while there.

"Welcome to beautiful Comerica Park, please enjoy our $6.50 bottles of beer and $4 hot dogs!" Everything's worth it when I see Earnie Harwell on an insurance advertisement.

This is how I picture the convo of this quick outfielders meeting going.

Granderson: So Mags, how's Magglio jr? Keeping his nose clean I hope.
OrdoƱez: Not bad, not bad... Holy shit! When did Rayburn show up?

While looking to see if Magglio even had any kids for this I found out he has a case of George Foreman Syndrome. He names his kids after himself! He has a son Magglio Jr. and daughter Maggliana. His other daughter is named Sophia. I can only guess which one his wife got to name. Speaking of her, Magglio is married to a woman named Dagly. What an odd family, but I love them none the less!

Me: Magglio! I want to have your illegit love child!
Mags: Huh?

Even from the complete opposite side of the park I could tell Rod and Mario apart. I still wish I would've made a big ass sign to get their attention.

The award for the best jersey I saw the whole night goes to this guy in the Cecil Fielder jersey. If I had gotten a Fielder jersey for my birthday in 94 like I had asked for I could have been that guy!

(Can you help me out? I need a six letter word for a 135 million dollar disappointment)
A crossword puzzle at a MLB game? Those are $65 seats and this man is doing a crossword puzzle!
I didn't even see the guy on the left staring at me until I uploaded the picture, creepy.

Meet Lenord. He was the usher for our section in the stands. I was taking a few pictures when I noticed him make a b-line for me. I assumed he was going to try and take my camera because of terrorist activity. But instead he was just looking to strike up a conversation. We ended up talking for probably fifteen minutes about all sorts of things. He told me about how he got his shirt and how much he loves doing what he does. He also made sure to casually point out that the Tigers at one time played host to a couple of really good players such as Ty Cobb and Al Kaline (I suppose he assumed I was too young to know who they were). He was a great sport and let me snap a photo. Thanks again Lenord.

At the very least the Tigers can go into the dressing room knowing they kept the Rays from clinching the east. Oh wait, Boston lost later that evening assuring Tampa of the #1 spot.

We win... and no win or run scored is complete without the obligatory water show.

I knew somewhere that night I'd find someone with a shirt or a sign about Millen. Lucky for me I found these guys with matching shirts only a few feet away from my seat. Origionally I only saw the man in the orange. When I asked to take his picture he wouldn't let me until his matching counterpart returned with a beer. I didn't get their names but thanks again for the picture guys.

Fired Millen: Check!


Anonymous said...

I was referred to the Triple Deke from the insane-o's at Abel to Yzerman. I'm originally from outside Toledo but now work in DC. Your blog rocks. I've never seen subtle humor devoted to Michigan sports, especially the Wings, before. It's daily reading for me now. Keep it up!
T. Deters

Brent said...

Hey thanks for the comment and even more thanks for the daily read. I'm glad there's people out there who enjoy our views. We'll be doing our best to keep it up plus it's always easier once hockey season starts and we're not surrounded by failure.