October 28, 2008

Wings @ Kings - recap

Wings 4-3 Kings (SO)


  • Fil's anticipation on the takeaway that led to the 3rd goal was a thing of beauty. The slow-mo replay really showed how he was watching the pass like a free safety about to pick off a QB. Then he finished with a terrific shot. (Which brings me to this: how would you rank, let's say, the top 5 Red Wing forwards on defense? This is a question that I'd like any readers out there to answer, just because I'm curious what others think. Or you can tell us to eat shit and die, any amount of attention will suffice.)
  • It's not an arrogance thing, I swear to any Wing haters out there, but: You just knew the Wings were going to tie this game before it ended. Sure they'll choke in the early rounds of the playoffs in certain years, but in the regular season against inferior teams, there are no nerves. You are positive that they will score, it's just a matter of how much time will be left on the clock when they do. And when they don't, it's a fucking weird feeling.
  • Yeah, I'll bitch about it: Sammy's goaltender interference call -- while handling the puck ... just ... good God. Come on now, NHL.
  • The Grind Line! It's back! Call all of your 90's bandwagon Wing friends and tell them to start watching hockey again! What?!? Wait -- say that one more time. A little louder. Oh. Uh-huh. Got it. Let me jot this down: Drapes and Mac are nonexistent, and Maltby has aged like 40 years since the end of the lockout. Hmmmph. Kinda sad when you spell it out like that. Why can't they just play Darren He ... okay okay, right -- I won't ask. Sorry I even brought it up.
  • 37 shots for the Wings, this against the steel curtain defense that is the LA Kings -- the NHL leader in shots against before this game took place. 7 of those shots came off the stick of Marian Hossa. He missed 3 others, too, so he obviously read this blog when I told him to shoot the puck more last week. All me baby, no Babcock invovled whatsoever.
  • If Zetterberg had scored on that play at the end of Overtime where he split two defenders and got a shot off from his ass, I would've lost control of my bowels. What an effort.
  • Congrats to Brett Lebda, who escaped this game without hurting his already atrocious plus/minus -- which I'm probably just going to start calling his "minus" -- but was still dubbed Worst Player in the NHL (so far) by one blogger this week.
  • LaBarbera was good in regulation, but in the S.O. he looked bad. How's that for in depth analysis? It's late, suck it. Go Wings.


Cameron Kittle said...

1. Datsyuk
2. Hank
3. Drapes
4. Filppula
5. Hossa

Pavs is an obvious #1, Z isn't far behind, Draper is always great on the backcheck no matter how bad he's been so far this year, and Fil and Hossa are earning their keep this season to get them top five recognition.

thanks for the recaps; they're short, funny, and right on the mark. Go Wings!

Chris Torango said...

1. Datsyuk
2. Z
3. Drapes
4. Hossa
5. Val

I put Hoss above Val by default forn now playing with Pavel. I've seen Val make a few more blunders so far this season than I would like (although it is still early). I would be willing to bet Hoss is 3rd on this list by year's end.