December 19, 2008

Sharks @ Wings - Get off our lawn

Red Wings 6-0 Sharks

This is why I like the regular season.

It's not as rewarding as big playoff wins, but the soul-sucking intensity of the postseason is so great that you forget you watch these games for fun. When it's December, you can watch these big games and not end up too low or high at the end. It's just good, fun hockey.

After Monday's VCR debacle, I got it right this time around and, thus, there is a running blog below. You're fucking welcome.

1st Period
  • 20:00 ... I'm scared of the Sharks. There, I said it.
  • 19:30 ... a "let's go Wings" chant. I'm in fucking shock. I can't believe anything other than "down in front" was yelled by anybody this early in the game.
  • 14:35 ... Ken Daniels -- "... pass was too hard for Tom Cavanaugh ... not to be confused with the actor." Who the shit is "the actor" Tom Cavanaugh? Does anybody know this like it's off-hand knowledge? (Looking it up ...) The dude from Ed?? Seriously? Ken might as well have said "not to be confused with the guy who works 3rd shift at a Denny's in Livonia."
  • 6:25 ... Huge scrum in the Wings end that doesn't end in a goal. I have no idea how some of these pucks aren't going in. Conk scares the shit out of me sometimes -- like after a shot and his head is moving around with that "oh my god, this isn't my living room" look.
  • 5:28 ... And out of nowhere Franzen scores a flukey goal, 1-0 Wings. Wow. Don't get too many gifts like that -- Mule takes a quick wrister from between the circles and Nabokov just plain misses it with his glove. That wasn't as exciting as it was strange.
  • 4:02 ... Shit on my face, another wrister from the same spot, this time from Datsyuk ... and it's 2-0. I know he's playing for the second straight night, but we're sure this is THE Evgeni Nabokov, right? Can somebody just peak under his mask for a second? Ok seriously though, you don't get too many of those gifts.
  • 0:27 ... We are reminded that Sharks backup goalie Brian Boucher holds the record for consecutive shutouts, with 5, in 2003. In case you forgot that little nugget, let that name sink in for a moment. I can only picture the NHL's brass sitting around during the lockout, thinking up ways to change the rules of the game, with reason #1 listed at the top of the chalkboard: "Fucking Brian Boucher holds the record for consecutive shutouts."

2nd Period
  • 17:14 ... Nabokov might be done with the Christmas give-away -- he just robber Kronner mightily with the glove.
  • 15:35 .... Another glove save by Nabokov, this time off a Franzen slapper. It's like he got drunk during the intermission, beat his glove with a belt and said, "You're not gonna throw rocks at the house ever a-fucking-gain." Wait, my bad -- that's what my mom did to me after one unfortunate afternoon in 1993.
  • 12:50 ... I've made mention before about my amazement of Marian Hossa's use of one-handed stick moves. He just used his right hand -- almost to the point of being unnecessary --to move the puck off the boards and around his man, then beat him to the spot and got a shot off. Excellent move.
  • 10:42 ... Good god these guys are awesome. 3-0 Wings. Datsyuk had three players circling him, but he looked so calm it was as if he was the only person in the building. He finds Hossa in the slot with ease, and Hoss sends a terrific one timer blocker side.
  • 8:18 ... Brad Stuart absolutely wastes Tomas Plihal at center ice. More of the same from what he's been doing well all season.
  • 6:30 ... I hate Mikael Samuelsson. Ok "hate" is pretty strong for a guy not named Pronger or LaPerriere, but it's something close. His ridiculous point-a-game pace that he was on earlier in the year has regressed back to the norm, as he hasn't recorded a point in 7 games. He somehow was racking up these wild assist totals while, at the same time, being a bad passer. Not mediocre, not okay, not below average -- just "bad". He's not only inaccurate and lacks touch, but too often he stalls for too long before pulling the trigger.

3rd Period
  • 20:00 ... San Jose looks lifeless. Oddly disappointing, but not overly surprising.
  • 18:20 ... Conk just made three saves while covering like 350 square feet of ice. He slides around quite a bit, but hey, he's pitching a shutout so I'll give him some credit.
  • 14:00 ... Pav looks like he's doing whatever he wants, wherever and whenever he wants. Freestyling, one might say. And with the Sharks already headed to the airport mentally, he's having an easy go of it.
  • 12:35 ... 4-0 Wings, Val Filppula finishes off a nice rush aided by Jiri and Cleary. The Wings are still playing with waaaaayy more jump than San Jose, with a big lead, in the 3rd period.
  • 7:31 ... Fuck it, how 'bout another. 5-0 Wings. Datsyuk comes off the bench on the penalty kill, after a deplorable give-away, and wrists his second goal past Nabokov.
  • 6:49 ... An elbow catches the Mule and the Wings get another crack at the power play. This is a refreshing change from all the one-goal games we've had this year. And it's against the NHL's best, the Sharks. Go figure. Now if we can just get this power play revved up again.
  • 3:51 ... 6-0 now after Brad Stuart one times a shot shortly after a faceoff. Good for him (first goal in 45 games). Pav gets his 2nd assist of the night.
  • 2:00 ... Crowd still into it. Also good to see.
  • 1:07 ... Kirk Maltby rushes back through the neutral zone with all of his speed, in a 6 goal game with a minute to go, to make a steal. I love hockey.
  • 0:20 ... Standing-O from the Joe faithful to finish out the game. What a great night for the Wings. It seems like there's less to talk about when they win like this, but I won't complain.


Probably the best I've felt after a Wings win this year. Not much too nit-pick at. It's almost a weird sight to see when they don't start out by giving up a goal in the first five minutes of the game.

Top 3 Wings:

3) Henrik Zetterberg -- No points tonight, but defensively he centered the line that shut down the Setoguchi/Thornton/Marleau trio. I didn't think of those three at all after the first 10 minutes of the game and that says something.

2) Ty Conklin -- Stopped all 24 shots faced. It's unorthodox, but he got the job done.

1) Pavel Datsyuk -- 2 goals, 2 assists, ultimate mastery of the game of hockey. What more can you say other than he looked perfect.

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