February 28, 2008

Fuckin' Mehmet


- Good news.

- Bad news.

- Tiny recap of yesterday's first exhibition game (1-0!! Undefeated!!), and Jim Leyland unveils the batting order for Opening Day/makes interesting points about 3, 5 and 7 spots in the order.

- More of that Meech mojo. And speaking of the Wings, I'd like to rethink what I said about Ken Holland shitting his pants last post.....a lot of the better deals that he's made have been the mid-level type of trades that really helped round out the team rather than completely turn it on its head. Stuart's not that great, but he doesn't completely suck -- and in the salary cap era, it's just not that easy to go out and pluck whoever you want among the available guns for hire. I think my initial reaction was just built up frustration from bitching endlessly about the lack of 2nd-tier scoring. Honestly, I'm tired of worrying about it....but it's hard to shrug off when it's clear that without Dan Cleary and the quick outlet passes of Lidstrom/Rafalski/Kronwall, we're just an average team. At best.


Pistons 95-103 Jazz

Utah not only has the Pistons' number, I think that they match up so well against us that I might pick them to beat us should both teams make the Finals.........given Mehmet Okur plays like he did yesterday. According to his stats, he's had a down year so far, but naturally, he was whatever's hotter than "white hot" against the Pistons. They can score in the post with Boozer and/or pull the ball out and shoot it with Okur; they have a bruising young point guard who doesn't need to score to be effective (14 assists last night) because he drives the lane so well; they've got some lanky athletic guys; and perhaps most important of all, their coach is at least 100% better than ours. So I'd say they match up pretty well.

- The only real mismatch appeared to be Tayshaun on ex-Laguna Beach star Kyle Korver (Korver always sucked against the Pistons while with Philly), but on the offensive side, Tayshaun is so fucking timid that he disappears from sight for quarters at a time. He made an awesome baseline spin move on Korver last night that I thought might lead to other scoring opportunities, but like so many other times before, he slipped from sight when he could've been most useful.

- Rip Hamilton: He went on a tear during the first half that helped Detroit open up a big lead, and had the best individual game out of anybody -- most minutes, most buckets and best +/- ratio. (Ah, Plus/Minus....no longer just for hockey fans!)

- Jason Maxiell: The only bench player of real significance last night. 2 for 2 from the field, and 7 for 7 from the line. It's amazing to me that he could shoot 7 for 7; his stroke just looks so convoluted.

- Flip Saunders said he shortened the rotation in part because the players have two days off before facing the Clippers, and also because Utah plays us so well. Well that's fine and dandy, but unless Amir Johnson has some hidden injury or illness (and I've been looking into this like all morning), there's no fucking excuse why Amir would sit. None. We REALLY could've used him against a team like Utah. I'll give Flip the benefit of the doubt -- which literally almost kills me -- that Amir is secretly hurt and he doesn't want to risk further injury. I mean, Flip couldn't be that stupid, could he? Right?

- Chauncey has never beaten the Jazz with Derron Williams running the show: he's 0 for 5.

- Oh my god Rodney Stuckey. Now, I know he's a rookie, and being a rookie point guard in the NBA is extremely difficult. There were even one or two bright spots in last night's game. But there's been a bunch of times lately where he goes reckless abandon to the basket like a fullback, which would be cool if he showed a remote semblance of bodily control while doing so. I like his aggressiveness, but if he can't A) hit a jumper, or B) consistently hit foul shots, it's going to continue to look ugly at times with him out there.

- Rasheed looked like he was having one of those games where he fails to give a shit.

- I can't believe how Okur could be left open that much, or how easily Williams drove to the basket after he was contained so well in the first half. The rotation of the defense was terrible in the second half, and that coupled with all the one-on-one shit on the offensive end lost us the game.

February 27, 2008

Wait weren't we just talking about "63 wins"?


- Meet the newest Wing, Brad Stuart, and his stupid fucking family. Sorry if I sound a little bitter, but the usually reliable Ken Holland kinda shat his pants on this one. I thought that amid this horrid losing streak we might see some kind of shakeup, and by that I don't mean a last-minute trade for a lousy defenseman. I honestly wouldn't have lost much sleep over giving up Hudler or Filppula, but I know the Red Wings front office has a constant hard-on for seeing these little Euro guys reach what they think will be their maximum potential. The days of Bill Ranford and Wendel Clark are long gone, I suppose (wait, those guys were sucky deadline deals.......oh fuck it). I'm sure the Stuart family is lovely or whatever.

- The prelude to the Tigers raping of the American League started today. Brandon Inge hit a homerun, and then he t-bagged Gene Lamont as he rounded 3rd to show his disgust for the team.

- More seats at Comerica?


Red Wings 3-4 Oilers (shootout)

Just a speedy-quick recap of the game and then I'm off to Bad Dream Land where my soul will be haunted by the darkest of fears for tomorrow's ominous midterm exam...

- I don't like the Shootout, and not just because we lost. The Oilers have 13 shootout wins. Thirteen. That's an amazing portion of their overall win total aided by a gimmick that feels like it belongs in an Over 40 league.

- Osgood was fantastic. The way he was moving from post to post was (obligatory usage of the phrase "cat-like" coming up- ) cat-like. His double-stacked pad save right before the second goal was one of his best of the season, and he even robbed that little Gagner fucker in the shootout.

- Dallas Drake accomplished a rare feet. It was likely the first time ever that I saw a player on a breakaway, and turned my attention back to my homework because I already knew he was going to miss. Witnessing that entire sequence would be as suspenseful as watching time change on a clock.

- Filppula: both frustrating and amazing. In a span of 2 minutes nearing the end of the 3rd period, he had two nearly identical scoring chances -- the first one can hardly be classified as a chance because he was too chicken shit to take the shot, which nearly sent me on a murderous rampage. Seriously, it's starting to drive me mad how he passes up open shots to peel around the net or back to the corner to look for something even more opportunistic. Just take the fucking shot. And as I was still coming down from my frustrated fit of rage, he wiped it all away with a goal on a wrister from the same spot on the ice. Amazing.

- As Ken Daniels mentioned at least 10 times, Derek Meech had a great game. Clearly his best of the season, which I guess makes it the best of his career. He got a ton of icetime and consistently chose the right time to jump up into the play. He even pulled his nuts out and took a couple of shots. I like that guy.

- I didn't like Lilja or Lebda. Lilja is one more spirit-killing penalty away from forcing me to create the Spirit-Killing Penalty Wikipedia entry in his honor.

February 25, 2008


- It's official, Darren McCarty signs with the Wings. It's kinda like the WWF back in the 90's when Degeneration X got back together after a brief hiatus. Or something much less humiliating to reference.


This is a very special episode of "The Triple Deke," in which I document my first expedition to a certain hockey arena in Detroit. Yes, that's right. I am consumed with shame to admit that I, an avid Red Wings supporter and perhaps a wrongfully self-proclaimed "die-hard" fan, have never (ever) been to Joe Louis Arena in 22 years of life. That is, until this past Saturday.

First, an explanation. You see, I am a believer in the notion that, for the most part, you like the sports that your dad watched when you were growing up. Those were the sports that he forced you to play or made you watch with him when you were a youngster, and thusly you were molded specially to like what he likes. Well, my dad is not a hockey fan. He's strictly baseball, basketball, football, golf. That's pretty much it. Because of this, I didn't even watch a single hockey game until I was like 7 or 8 years old. That's when my friends started to influence me, as pretty much all of them were Red Wings fans. I started playing hockey with them around the age of 9 or 10 and from then on, I've been addicted to the sport, and to the Red Wings. Not only that, I like watching pretty much anything that has a competitive nature, especially when played on its highest stage. It's entertaining to me. My dad, on the other hand, caught me watching bowling the other day and looked at me like I had 3 heads. But I digress -- my original point was that since my dad never took me to a game as a kid, and since circumstances have never before led to a trip to a Red Wings game, I had sadly never been. Back to my story:

While my first trip to the Joe was not even for a Red Wings game, it was still an important matchup nonetheless: The #1 ranked Michigan Wolverines vs. the defending National Champions, my Spartans of Michigan State. I use the word "my" to vaguely denote my allegiance with MSU as a (sort of) paying student, not in that gay possessive manner that rusty old Irish Catholics use to refer to their overrated Notre Dame teams. You might wonder why a sport-watching student of a major university with a relatively successful athletic program would neglect the opportunity to ever write about them, especially a student with one of these blog things. Well, to be honest, I'm not like a HUGE fan or anything. I mean I'm a fan, don't get me wrong here -- I wanted to win the fucking game. But I don't watch an ass-ton of college sports like I used to, and I certainly couldn't spout off the starting 5 of the basketball team, a feat that I'm sure the drunkiest of ho-bags on this campus could do (well wait a minute, let's see if I actually can without cheating:

1) Neitzel, that one's easy.
2) Raymar Morgan
3)....uuhhhhhhhhhhhh, okay. Fuck. Suton? Don't know if he starts.
4) Naymick? Namick, whatever? I don't know. I just know he looks like Zane of the San Francisco Ferries from BASEketball.
5) Marquise Grey. Maybe.)

I'm not even going to check my answers. I'm like 65% sure that I just included 4 Power Forwards on that list. The only other guy I can muster up is Lucas (first name uncertain) and for all I know he could be one of the starters. Anyway, I think I've kind of proved my point -- I can't devote my spectator-ness to everybody. Well I could, but I just don't want to. Although, if we somehow make the Final Four I'll be all up in Izzo's lap like a bandwagon bitch.

As for the game and the experience itself, it was fantastic. The first thing I noticed upon entering the rink was the litany of retired numbers and championship banners that lined the rafters, leading to the snapping of numerous pictures. The scoreboard was beaming, the ice was fresh, and the band was blaring. T'was a magnificent atmosphere, definitely hard to top. The only hindrance to my joy were the bundles of Michigan fans, among which was my friend Brent (for the record, I'm not about to go all Bill Simmons on you and start dropping names of friends like J-Bug and House and Jimmy Kimmel and whoever the fuck else -- but given that it was Brent and his family treating me to this special occasion, the name dropping was necessary.) Although, the back-and-forth bickering between the fan bases is what makes for half the fun anyway, so I really shouldn't complain. And I really can't complain about the seats: 3rd row, directly behind the goal that would've been on the right side of your TV. If you're making a first trip to the Joe, why not make it right behind the goalie's ass, I say.

The game got off to a rocky start as Michigan jumped out to an early 2-0 lead, and then before you could say, "there's no way we're going down 3-0," they scored to make it 3-0 at the end of the first. Between periods, me and Brent were in line to get drinks and the only thing I could mutter was, "man, that sucked." I knew that 3-goal comebacks are all but extinct in college hockey, considering that they're still allowed to play defense like the 1995 New Jersey Devils, unlike today's NHL.

But wouldn't you know it, State made a game of it. They finally got off the bus for the 2nd period and scraped back to within one goal after Whats Hisname and Some Guy scored. The section that we were in, consisting of majority Spartan fans -- and the band -- were jubilant. I was just happy I got to cheer for a goal, and not only that, I was being teased into witnessing a brilliant comeback at the fiercest of rivalry games.

Unfortunately, UM scored with under a minute to go in the 2nd (the only goal of the game scored at our end) and it seemed to suck the life out of MSU. A lackluster 3rd period ensued, and the Wolverines capped the game with an empty net goal.

I'm not one of those people who say shit like, "Well, we kick your ASS in basketball," because I think that's the most annoying shit that a human being can do to another of his kind. It's embarrassing to hear stuff like that. So I'll just tip my cap to those yellow nut-suckers and admit that they beat us fair and square.

So ends my Joe Louis Arena tale. Be back for the next episode when I call Mike Babcock from a 10-story ledge and tell him to convince me why I shouldn't jump.

February 21, 2008



No Pistons or Wings tonight, which would contribute to why I'm currently watching the Heat play the Rockets for some reason. Why anybody would willfully watch Miami is beyond me, and yet, I'm doing just that. (And as long as I'm watching it, I might as well make a comment here: Yao Ming just got rejected by Shawn Marion. Yao is roughly 11 feet tall I think, and that height exceeds Marion's considerably. Yet Yao can't grow a set big enough to dunk over anybody. This drives me crazy. If I was blessed with his size, I'd break somebody's god damn arm if they attempted to block one of my dunks. Yeah it's heinous, but still -- if you break one dude's arm, you sure as fuck won't ever have to do it again. But that's just me.) To pass the time I've been surfing this colossal wave we call the Internet.

- Fernando Rodney: Misunderstood free-spirit or certifiable loon? I'm a sap for stupid fluff pieces like this because it reminds me that these guys aren't mindless robots. Call be queer if you must.

- Gary Sheffield: Put it this way -- Pretend that you somehow lived on the same street as Tony Montana, Al Capone, and Gary Sheffield. And then one night when you're walking your dog, you get an inkling that ol' Fito has to take a really big shit. Now, is it an automatic decision that you choose Sheff's lawn for the dumping? I mean, Tony might not see it if he's temporarily blind from one of his coke binges, and Capone might be at the opera or at the Canadian border or something. I might just take my chances and go with one of those two lawns. But above all, I want you to understand how fucking terrible this analogy truly is. I mean really, it's beyond comprehension. Reread it again if you need to.

- This NHL jersey history site is pretty mind blowing. Kept me busy for like 3 hours.

- Matt Ellis going to LA. I kinda agree with some of the people in the comments section that we possibly could've at least packaged him in a deal to pick up another defenseman if we were going to lose him. That said, I liked the guy in the limited time I saw him play and thought he worked really hard. I probably won't lose sleep over this though.

- We now have slightly more of a reason to hate the Cavs.

February 19, 2008

Aw, fooey


- Wait -- I thought this Cabrera guy was supposed to be fat and worthless. I'm confused.


I've been a little under the weather for the past few days so I had to turn the ol' brain off. I'd say it's still in the "reboot" faze at the moment. Given my state, I've been only semi-conscious watching sports since the weekend, but the Pistons nearly pulled me out of my stupor a few hours ago.

Pistons 98-103 Bucks

I was only half-paying attention once Detroit was down by 20 or so in the 2nd half, but they managed to peel my eyes off of my computer when Sheed started draining 3's. He hit 4 in a span of like 2 and half minutes to single handedly pull the Pistons back into the game, and put the entire Milwaukee crowd into "Oh, shit" mode. Upon the fourth 3-pointer, Blaha nearly had a fucking stroke. "I don't believe it -- although maybe I should!" he yelped.

Two plays, however, stood out in my mind that I wish we could have back. The first was Amir's missed dunk opportunity......Chauncey drove the lane and dished to Amir right under the hoop. I thought he was going to go up for a thunder dunk to effectively cripple whatever resolve the Bucks had left, but unfortunately, he was pressured from behind and had the ball blocked/stolen from him. Very disheartening. Amir played brilliantly late in 4th quarter, but he'll remember this play more than any other. And I think with a bit more experience under his belt he'll take it to the rim mercilessly with this particular play in the back of his mind.

The other play came after a Bucks miss, when Chauncey came galloping down the court with nobody on him. Once he crossed mid-court, I was 2000% positive that he was going to jack up a 3. He hesitated for a split second as he approached the arch, looked like he decided at the last possible instant to let it fly, and ended up shooting off-balance and missed. Had he slowed up just a bit and set himself -- or just try to find somebody cutting to the basket -- things might have gone differently. But during this Piston-era, one thing that has always remained constant is either Sheed or Chauncey taking just one too many three's when the team is making a late comeback. This will generally come after they've made one or two, so they go, "Ah fuck it," and let 'er rip.


After bitching about not being able to comment on a Red Wings win, I effectively went silent for 3 days after a 4-0 drubbing of the hated 'Lanche. Needless to say, the rivalry has some life still. Even if they have like nobody else remaining from the 90's aside from Sakic (who I like anyway), there's still a big rift between Detroit and Colorado fans. Basically -- and I'm not trying to sound like a douche bag here -- we're better than them. It's that simple. We have a knowledgeable understanding of hockey and how it's played, and most of them are dumb as dick and do things like throw hats on the ice during a shootout in thinking that their player has just picked up a hat-trick (This actually happened -- I wish I had the link to this). I'm not gonna go into all the reasons why I can't stand them, as I'm sure those sentiments have already been expressed by every Wing fan with computer access.

- Aaron Downey: Wow. He's making it pretty clear that we don't need Darren McCarty right now, even if Mac is performing well in Grand Rapids at the moment. Right after Lidstrom went down, my first thought was "Aaron Downey". And sure enough, he made it known that nobody is to elbow his captain's head into the boards. If McCarty were to miraculously find a spot on the Wings roster, I don't see how it could be at the expense of Downey.

- Val Vilppula: He makes me shake my head sometimes. I complain all the time about his "finishing" ability. He's the type of guy that can make all of the necessary moves and get himself into open space, but when it comes down to the final moment where he has to bury the puck in the back of the net, he crumbles. Then he goes out and scores a goal on a shot that appears to have 0% probability of success. The only way his angle on that shot could've been worse would be if he were standing in the front row. Hence the head-shaking.

- Pavel Datsyuk: Not to get all whimsical or anything, but the assist he had on the last goal was a thing of beauty. It was a 3 on 1, with the third guy being Zetterberg who was trailing. Datsyuk had the puck, and instead of forcing a pass across the crease to the far-side man -- which the goalie anticipated -- he went just a little deeper into the zone before dropping it back to Hank for what essentially ended up being an empty net goal, as both the goalie and the defenseman were playing the pass to the far side, which never came. He had his head up the entire time calculating what was the best thing to do, and then he did just that.

- Nick Lidstrom: It's just very, very weird that he's injured. Weird. It' the only word I can use to describe it. In all my years of watching him, I'm not even sure I've seen him fall down to a knee. It's as if he's actually been standing on his feet since 1992. So now that he's out, it just so happens to come at a time when it would positively fuck us over (for the short-term, at least). We're so thin on the blue line that I think Bob Rouse is penciled in to start tomorrow night.

February 18, 2008

I'd like to comment on a win one of these days


Red Wings 0-1 Stars

Now my mood is just flat out scared. Scared that the Wings clearly can't go into the playoffs with the injury woes that are currently poisoning them and still expect to (at least) get back to the Conference Finals. Not that I wasn't feeling a little antsy before Sunday's contest, but seriously? Zero goals against Marty Turco? A perrenial choke-bag who has been owned by the Wings throughout his career? Now I've seen it all. In six games I've gone from riding as high as a Cumilonimbus to looking for a nice ledge to jump off of.

Obviously the injuries to Kronwall and Rafalski shouldn't be an issue two months from now -- although with Kronwall I never feel completely out of the woods -- but they're proving right now just how vulnerable an invincible team can look once players start piling up in the trainer's room. With those guys out, the attack is getting no push from our own end (which is part of the reason why the Wings haven't scored an even strenth goal in 4 games), and the result has been careless cross-ice passes and turnovers leading to an abundance of odd man rushes. Each game seems like the same story: Failure to clear pucks cleanly, lack of concentration/positioning in the defensive zone, and nobody going hard to the net.

Parting thoughts--

- It was nice, in a way, hearing what objective criticism sounds like from an announce team, which is something we experienced yesterday with the game being on NBC. Ed Olzzaysdfychcdayiuaczeck made a point that I've been worried about this whole season, and that's the fact that Detroit has too many passing centerman and not enough guys that get to the crease for rebound and garbage goals. And come each spring we hear a certain phrase that every single hockey broadcaster loves to enlighten us with as if it's being said for the first time in the history of Man: "You gotta score 'ugly' in the playoffs."

- God I miss Dan Cleary.

- They were successful earlier in the season when they got ahead with a lead and then could play keep-away for the rest of the game, even allowing themselves time to basically freestyle and fuck around with zany passes and circus tricks. Now it appears that every team's M.O. is to jump on them as hard as they can and force them to play from behind, which is hard for them to do since they spend way too much fucking time trying to create the Perfect Play.

- Homer is looking awful. He hasn't scored since January 30th against Phoenix. During The Steak, he's a minus 3 with zero points. He started off the season with 9 power play goals before December, but he only has 2 in the last 3 months. He's taking some stupid penalties, and considering the fact that he's getting sent to the box for breathing the same air as the opposing goaltender these days, the mindless infractions are all the more irritating. He looks completely frustrated right now.

- Jimmy Howard looked good yesterday. Would've had a shutout had Lilja not left him out to dry. Osgood, on the other hand, made himself look like a whiny girl scout:

“I always play good against Dallas, so, yeah, I would have liked to have played, but maybe he (Babcock) doesn’t know that."

Oh please just shut up. Please. Shut up. We all know you're a "great competitor" and all that shit -- you don't have to say things like this to back that up. Everyone has said that the last few games haven't been Ozzie's fault.......the media, the players, the fans, even the coach that you just tried to start a feud with ("...maybe he doesn't know that"....that's the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard.) Just calm the hell down and be ready for the next game.

February 16, 2008

Alright this is getting pretty gay


Red Wings 1-5 BJ's

This losing streak is less worrisome than it is just plain annoying. But it has become increasingly confusing, given our complete disregard for giving a shit. I liked the part where we let that dude just stand in front of the net all alone while double teaming a guy along the boards who's not even paying attention. "Screening the goalie" is just a psycho myth thing anyway. Oooohh, and then there was that goal where a guy was coming through the neutral zone on a 1-on-2 reverse odd man rush, and the best defense apparently was to just kinda fall down like a 4 year-old throwing a tantrum at the grocery store.

I'm remaining relatively calm about this, but my patience is running a little thin. We need another scorer, bottom line. With Cleary out and the frustrating number of "pass-first" forwards on the team dilly-dallying behind the net, there's just not enough pressure being put on the other team's defense. There's no offensive rush, no intensity, no concentration, and no creativity. Other than that, we're playing like a fucking unstoppable machine.

My game-to-game mood has evolved gradually during these troubled times --

1) Kings game: Mildly perturbed. Post game reaction: "You know what -- fuck it. We'll NEVER win 10 in a row."

2) Toronto game: Disappointed. "Oh come on."

3) Ducks game: Cheated. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say the league seems to think that Holmstrom is some sort of Dennis Rodman/Lucifer hybrid."

4) Predators game: In denial. "I'm gonna go ahead and pretend that I just watched a terrible two hour episode of According to Jim." (The irony of that last sentence is that the adjective "terrible" was completely unnecessary.)

5) BJ's game: Speechless. ".............."


- At this point, a deal for Sergei seems unlikely -- but I'll be stoked if I get to pull my old 20$ Federov jersey that I got from Meijer when I was 10. It still had the "A" on it so it was before the infamous hold-out (the hold-out was probably one of the 5 most confusing things of my childhood......"He's Sergei Fedorov," I would say. "Give him whatever he wants!!") I probably wouldn't be able to wear it outside of my bedroom in good conscience though.

- Wouldn't mind getting another Sweed. No, not the scruffy bearded one. The hairless one.

- Meet Dontrelle Willis, and his blog. I like to think his latest entry was entirely composed via text message.

February 14, 2008

Back in my Day the Pacers were a formidable rival


Given the fact that you can probably read, you surely noticed the links that I posted yesterday. I do a fair bit of interweb reading and will generally try to post anything that gets me to go "Hmmph" or whatever sound it is that I mumble when something catches my eye. I usually read the Free Press, News, and a laundry list of bookmarked blog links, so anytime I read something even marginally entertaining -- like idiots Pistons message boards clamoring for us to trade Dice for Zack Randolph -- I'll try to remember to put it up. Now on with it.

- I've been debating with myself whether the title of this Mitch Albom column is just "regular" obvious or "it's gonna hurt if I slam my dick in the car door" obvious.

- Joel Zumaya: approaching crazy? I don't know.

Pistons 96-80 Pacers

God, the Pacers looked awful. They got a bit of a jump early in the first quarter, but for pretty much the rest of the game they looked they wouldn't be able to hang with Will Ferrell's team in his upcoming movie Blade of Gl...........I mean Talladega Kn...........I mean the sketch from SNL where he poses nude for an art cl................fuck it -- I'll never get those straight.

- It was an intriguing night for Amir Johnson. He was just 3 more blocks, a bucket and a board away from a Triple Double. And he played more minutes than anyone.

- I don't know how to convey this without sounding like a 12 year-old N'Sync fan from 1999, but you'll soon come to the realization that I really like this team. I mean, I really do -- they're just the bee's knees. The main crop of Chauncey/Rip/Tayshaun/Sheed has been around so long that they feel seemingly like an extended family, and the 2nd unit this year is so fun to watch that I pay attention to a 4th quarter blowout just as attentively as I would the rest of any other game. Maxiell is a beast -- there is just no other description necessary for him (I'm talking to you, John Keating. You overly-wordy mother fucker). He and Amir play with so much energy; Stuckey looks incredibly promising; Hayes provides a reliable perimeter threat from the bench that was previously lacking; Lindsay Hunter is.......old; we have a couple of kind-of-sucky-white-guy-crowd favorites; and Chris Webber is gone. I think this is my favorite Pistons team of my lifetime (Bad Boy teams excluded.....I was 3 years old --) which doesn't really make sense because they won a championship just 4 years ago. Whatever, it's my life, Dad.

- A few weeks ago they showed a pre-game clip of Walter Herman's hands, and, well, they were rather large to say the least. So yesterday, I noticed Wally palming the ball more so than necessary/usual.....almost to the point where it seemed like he was doing it just to be a fucking weirdo. I wasn't seriously affected by it one way or another, but basically I just wanted an excuse to link this photo of him T-bagging a basketball rim. A sight to behold, indeed.

February 13, 2008

You don't know shit about Jim Leyland's bullpen

- Interesting article about Leyland's plans for the starting pitching this year.
I don't know, I'd feel a little more comfortable if he refrained from saying things like, "...assuming Todd Jones is going to do another good job for us..." (bold emphasis mine)

- This news on Roy Williams was refreshing, considering the fact that I really don't want to retire his Texas jersey to the portion of my closet containing a bunch of really outdated sports memorabilia. The inventory includes jerseys of Sergei Fedorov, Ben Wallace, and Charlie Batch. Some mornings when I wake up a little too early to think rationally, I'll spend like 4 minutes contemplating whether I should wear the Batch jersey just for the shock value alone.)

- Joe Dumars' take on "jaded" fans, trades.
The part about the fans is near the bottom, after the trade talk and stuff. At first he says that the fans taking the team for granted ticked him off, but now he'd used to it. Well I'm not. The lack of enthusiasm at some of these games bugs the shit out of me.

Pistons 94-90 Hawks

Things are really coming together for Detroit right now. 38-13 record, balanced starting attack, bench scoring, and above all, the #1 ranking in Marc Stein's power rankings on ESPN.com. Below you will find a mini-recap of last night's game, and that's about as far as I'll usually go with reviews unless something spectacular happens. I figure it's pointless to go all-out with a recap of a regular season game nearly 24 hours after it happened, especially since you can pick up a paper or watch Sportscenter if you're really dying for the info. What's the point of reading this blog, you ask? There is none. Like, at all. Basically this is a way for me to kill an hour on weekday afternoons while I'm pushing homework off to the barest regions of my depressed subconscious. You're only reading this right now if you know me or if you hate you're life. Playoff games, on the other hand, will probably be followed by 2,000 words of complete and utter overreaction (win or lose.) Anyway, onto the game:

- Sheed was monstrous to start the game. He scored 15 in the 1st quarter and Atlanta was as clueless on how to stop him as I was when my Medieval History professor called on me today for an answer to why Henry IV took such a nonviolent approach in confronting Pope Gregory VII at his walk to Canossa. Fucking prick. The teacher, I mean.

- Rodney Stuckey was impressive when he had to step in for Chauncey. He scored 12 and continued to show improvement to his jumper. And he's not Flip Murray.

- Chauncey was having one chilly night through 3 quarters, but man was he locked in for the 4th. He makes it look so easy sometimes.

-The Pistons will go for another season sweep tonight, this time against Indiana. It would also be their 10th straight win (a milestone that a certain other team I know of can't seem to accomplish...)

Red Wings 2-4 Predators

I don't know what's up with this team right now. I'd point mainly to the lack of second and third line scoring, but even the top line looked out of it yesterday (Lidstrom a minus-3??!? AND Zetterberg?? We played fucking Nashville, right?) Ken Daniels made a point on the on one of the Predators goals where he couldn't remember the last time he saw two guys get in behind the defense for a goal on a play that wasn't even a breakaway. Not only was it not a break away, it wasn't even a rush. It was a failed clearance of the puck by the Wings, which indicates some really, really sloppy defense.

- I'm quickly growing tired of waiting for Filppula and Hudler to turn the corner. Wings fans (well, at least me anyway) were expecting Hudler to really explode onto the scene when given more playing time this year, given his points/ice time ratio from a year ago. Val and Jiri have 3 goals in like the last 20 games combined or something like that, and, well, it sucks. Frankly it sucks dick.

- Aside from like the playoffs, the Cleary injury could not have come at a worse time, and it's going to hurt this team immensely if nobody else can step up. I feel bad for this motherfucker. He works harder than anyone, and every week I have to explain a new injury to my girlfriend when she asks "what happened to his face now?" Now he gets hit in the face with a puck. You know -- between this, the Zednik thing, the dude on the Oilers nearly getting his eyelid sliced off last night, and the replaying of the of the Clint Malarchuck video, I have no idea how people don't die in this sport weekly. None whatsoever. Moreover, I can't believe I ever played hockey as a kid, considering the giant ninny that I am.

- BTW, if you don't know what I'm talking about with the Malarchuck video, do NOT Youtube that thing if you have a weak stomach or if you've had a bad experience where a skate blade sliced your throat open and it looked like you were recreating the scene from Nightmare on Elm Street where like 30 thousand gallons of blood shot up through that hole in the bed.

February 12, 2008


Yeah, I don't really feel like doing much of an introduction. I think the title pretty much tells you what you'll find here....I live in Michigan and I've grown up a Detroit sports fan, and from time to time I might use this computer to type down some thoughts that I have about sports involving my favorite teams and post them here. Because I'm prone to going entire weekends without seeing said computer, this likely won't be a game-to-game type of recap blog, but I'll try to sandwich an update or two between classes and work or whatever. OK, here it goes.