January 18, 2009

Wings @ Sharks - Wow

Red Wings 5-6 Sharks

11 goals, 75 shots, a playoff atmosphere and an exciting game to watch. It's easier saying that last one when it's January 18th.

The Sharks kept the Wings at bay to hold their lead in the Western Conference. The home team has won all three meetings so far, so home ice might be worth a shit this year.

While the game was entertaining, it left you with the impression that you didn't see the Wings best effort. They got jumped in their first go-around at HP Pavilion, and then the Sharks wet themselves when they came to Joe Louis on December 18 -- so if one of these teams can hold their own on the road, we could be in for an all-time great playoff series in a few months.


The Sharks got on the board first when they scored less than three minutes into the game, on a goal that was a prelude to some sharp shooting by both teams. It felt like the 40th time this year that the Wings have given up a really early goal. It's probably only been like 32 times, but who cares. Not a good start.

Fil made amends less than two minutes later when he scored his first goal since the last time we played San Jose. FS Detroit immediately cut to a Wings fan in the crowd who was executing one of the 10 worst high fives of all time.

Shortly after, Joe Pavelski erased the happy thoughts by giving the Sharks a 1-goal lead again.


In the 2nd period the Wings got goals from Hossa, Mule and Hank while San Jose picked up two more of their own to make it 4-4 at the end of 40 minutes.

The Hossa goal was absolutely trademark for him. Standing still and perched for a pass on the edge of the left circle, he unleashed a one-timer snap shot to tie the game. If anybody in the league has a quicker shot than this man, it's not by much.


In the 3rd things fell apart on a couple of occasions. Milan Michalek somehow stormed through three Wings with a bouncing puck and made it 5-4 Sharks. Bad goal to give up. But not to be outdone, Patrick Marleau cut through the Detroit back line and received a pass that may or may not have put him offsides, but regardless, the Sharks then had a two-goal lead. Babcock was probably more than a little perturbed with the defending in this game.

(I tried like 10 times to freeze the Marleau/off sides play at the right point, and this was as close as I got. It does not appear that he would've been offsides, and even if he was, it was by a ball hair. So if you're a Wings fan and are crying about this today, suck it up. It shouldn't have happened in the first place.)


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I was able to get the video paused at just the right time. It looked onside.