January 12, 2009

Wings @ Stars - quick thoughts

And I'm talking "embarrassing prom night incident" quick:

Red Wings 4-5 Stars (OT)

  • Datsyuk had one of those games that inspires you to do good on this Earth. I want to help my fellow man. I want to save a litter of puppies from a burning building. I want to give away a kidney. OK -- maybe Alonzo Morning's kidney -- but still. He's a fucking wizard.
  • So wizardly, in fact, that the Versus color commentator claims Pav would be the "valedictorian of awesome school". The valedictorian of awesome school. Talk about sucking all the fun out of his performance, Jesus. I don't know how to properly address this quote without comparing it on some level to Tim Brando's brain-fuckingly retarded call during the 2008 NCAA basketball tourney.
  • Speaking of Versus ... Def Leppard. It's getting harder to refute this Def Lep/Versus/Red Wings curse thing, people. I'm just saying.
  • Brad Stuart's play in the final 10 seconds of this game, which directly led to the losing goal, is reprehensible. It was anti-Datsyukian. Actually it was nearly Satanic. It made me want to kill the mother and children of my fellow man, eat a barrel of live puppies and stab Alonzo Morning repeatedly. Wait, I already wanted to do that last thing.
  • For a 5-4 game, the winning goaltender played like a used tampon, while the losing goaltender was spectacular and made two highlight real saves that I'm sure Ken Holland is jerking off to as I speak.

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Cameron Kittle said...

i kinda liked the "valedictorian" comment. it wasn't very original and not even that hard to think of but clearly, datsyuk's goal melted his brain and that was all he could come up with.

also, to have an announcer finally acknowledge datsyuk's talent level was nice to hear.