February 26, 2009

The Answer to the Wings roster log-jam

I've been watching this Ville Leino dude play, and he's the real deal. It's a no-brainer sort of thing. You watch him, and you can tell (with ease, actually) that he has a greater imact to this team on the ice than Kirk Maltby or Tomas Kopecky has. Maltby's "locker room presence" or whatever the hell you want to butter it up as doesn't make up for his shortcomings on the ice.

So the answer? Fuck the rules. Just play however many guys you want, and everybody drives home happy. Roll five lines.

Look at this.

Ville Leino needs to be on the Detroit playoff roster.

With no cap room and more than enough good players that can crack the starting lineup, it's time to do something groundbreaking. I think the answer, obviously -- I can't believe they haven't tried it yet -- is just to dress 23 player a night for the rest of the season. What, are they going to fence off Leino's locker? Snipe Kopecky from the stands if he tries to take the ice? Please.

Check this out.

Pav - Hank - Homer
Cleary - Mule - Hossa
Jiri - Fil - Sammy
Leino - Draper - Helm
Maltby - Kopecky - Mac

Lids - Raf
Kronner - Stu
Lil - Chelios
Lebda - Meech

Incredible. All they have to do is ignore the cap, and they avoid the awkward Maltby-Kopecky-Leino rotation. Which, of course, is the goal here. You never want to have to make tough decisions like this in professinoal sports. That's why it's insanity that nobody has tried this. Look, the cap isn't a tangible being, right? You can't see it or touch it, and it can't physically do anything to you, right? So to hell with it then.

And if they complain about ice time? Fuck it. Play six skaters at all times. Screw the refs and their penalties. Nobody is going to physically restrain players from coming out of the box or off the bench. They'd eventually crack and let us have our way.

I mean, sure, there's the definite possibility that fines could be handed down, asterisks could be branded, games forfeited and it would ruin the teams' credibility for decades. But come on. We wouldn't want something as horrible as "hurt feelings" to arise from all of this. Fuck that, man. Babcock isn't about to actually tell Kirk Maltby to sit and watch the playoffs, is he? Not a chance. It would be too painful to go through.

This way, Malts can still feel like he's a solid contributor and have his ego soothed, Leino gets the minutes he has earned and everybody wins. Start 23 players and all problems will be solved.


I dedicate this to "Pops":

Grandpa died this morning after, no lie, his 13th heart attack. Dude was straight up gangster. See you later old man.

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