February 3, 2009

Blues @ Wings - Winning ugly (or just flat out disgusting)

Red Wings 4-3 Blues (SO)

The Wings came into this one on a bit of a losing skid. The way they have played has been troubling for a squad made primarily of the players who won a Stanley Cup eight months ago, due in large part to a robotically efficient defense. Try watching Game Three of the Western Conference Finals, or the first two of the Cup Finals (team defense at it's finest) and you wouldn't believe that this is the same squad. The players are there, but the results aren't. Eight months ago these guys were calculating and suffocating opponents before they even picked up the puck at the other end of the ice. Now they're reacting one to two seconds too late every other play and giving up 4+ goals on a regular basis. I don't fucking get it.

So despite the fact that the Wings "won" this game, many of us still have a bad taste in our mouths, as if the Blues came into the Joe tonight and won outright. And they might as well have. Here's how I saw the game as it unfolded:

1st Period
  • 20:00 ... Wings are wearing their road white uni's ... now THERE'S the adjustment we've been looking for.
  • 18:00 ... Kris Draper, playing in his 1,000th career game, gets his first shift with Datsyuk and Hossa. Nice move there by Babcock.
  • 17:30 ... Versus announcer (and former Wing announcer from way back) Dave Strader says that Justin Abdelkader is up from the Griffins, who play in the "International Hockey League". I like you Dave but your not exactly enhancing the image of Versus' hockey coverage in the eyes of fans with that statement.
  • 12:50 ... Fil draws a penalty behind the Blues net. Gotta feel for him at least a little bit this year -- with no time on either PP unit and manning the 3rd line he's dropped into obscurity a bit. He'll be much more in the scheme of things next year with the personnel changes coming, bank on it.
  • 9:30 ... Nothing comes of the power play. I would like that two minutes of my life back, please.
  • 9:00 ... 11 minutes in, shots are 2-1 Detroit. I almost fell asleep tying that.
  • 7:30 ... It should be 1-0 St. Louis but Backes chokes on a gift-wrapped chance. Not that this is news, but Ozzie's confidence looks like it's at rock bottom.
  • 4:54 ... a defensive collapse leads to a 3-on-1 Blues chance, that again results in a Red Wings' escape. Lidstrom and Kronwall have been relatively bad this period: Lidstrom relative to his usuall awesomeness, and Kronwall relative to the 2008 playoffs (which has been an ongoing issue all season long.)
  • 0:00 ... This period reminded me of what vomit tastes like. Two shots for the Wings. No score after 1. And because it needs repeating: TWO SHOTS FOR THE WINGS.

2nd Period
  • 17:26 ... Holy god. Maltby scores to give the Wings the lead. But just saying that doesn't do it justice: It was a 2-on-1, with Kopecky, and with only one option (a Maltby slapper), the two execute the play and a goal results. What a pleasant surprise. Just keep putting shots on goal guys. Red Wings 1-0 Blues.
  • 14:25 ... An indescribably homoerotic goal by the Blues ties it. Literally. I've started and stopped at least 10 different sentences trying to convey what just happened. Ozzie, Lidstrom ... sloppy all around. I hate hockey sometimes. Red Wings 1-1 Blues.
  • 13:40 ... It's just weird when Black History Month is discussed during a hockey game. It's even weirder when the announcer says, essentially, that Black History Month is big in Detroit because a lot of black people live there. Dude, Strader ... why don't you just stop talking for a while, okay?
  • 13:28 ... Manny Legace sucks. Really bad. Red Wings 2-1 Blues.
  • 10:45 ... Justin Abdelkader makes a nice, nice hit. And he didn't even punch the guy from behind or slash his neck. Uplifting shit right there (You gotta love the obligatory, predictable comments at the bottom of that video -- shocking that Michigan fans would go to the extent to point out that their education is better than ours. I would've never expected that one.)
  • 10:00 ... Well, gotta say it: Awesome shot by Patrik Berglund to tie the game again. Cross-ice one timer pass (nice lane coverage guys) on the power play, and a perfect fucking shot. Maltby is left shaking his head, kind of like a guy who wishes he was playing in the late 90's NHL again. Red Wings 2-2 Blues.
  • 8:39 ... I can barely keep up with this game now: Hossa goes stick side on Legace and gives the Wings the lead again. And ... nooooo!!!! ..... Manny gets pulled! God dammit. Red Wings 3-2 Blues. What a release by Hossa.
  • 0:00 ... 1st period = 5 shots on goal combined. 2nd period = 5 goals combined.

3rd Period
  • 20:00 ... A shot of Manny Legace on the Blues bench, barely awake. I wouldn't be surprised if he went straight to a bottle of Jack right after being pulled. Or before being pulled, for that matter.
  • 17:00 ... A mini Blues scoring chance ... I just can't get over how shaky Ozzie looks. I never will. When he goes into prolonged stretches like this, it's a nightmare.
  • 12:35 ... Lilja undoes a season's worth of good will (by his standards) by taking a 5 minute major for boarding. I am not looking forward to sitting through this, not one bit. No way Ozzie doesn't let ONE by here. I'd rather watch a half hour of Sports Soup instead of this shit. Wait wait wait wait wait, I take that back, that was a joke.
  • 8:01 ... With under 30 ticks left on the major, the Blues break through as Keith Tkachuk tips in a puck from in front. Nobody was within breathing distance of him in front of the net. Oh, and that was St. Louis' 3rd power play goal of the game. I think the Lions' secondary was out their killing that penalty. Red Wings 3-3 Blues.
  • 6:00 ... Biggest note of the game tonight: A commercial for Denny's airs. They show a singing banana peel named "Nannerpuss". His peeled parts are attatched to strings, and he dances like a puppet. What a strange/confusing moment in television history. I will never, ever be the same after this. I feel like I just watched a combination of a solar eclipse and my parents having sex.
  • 1:53 ... We're less than two minutes away from going to overtime, at home, against the St. Louis Blues. I'm almost to the point where I hope we lose this game, just so Babs' post game team-ripping is that much more fiery. This has been pathetic.
  • 0:00 ... The 3rd period ends with somewhat of a desperation fury by the Wings. A little late for that, fellas. Way to wait til 59 minutes into the game. Did I mention this is a home game against the Blues? The St. Louis Blues? A near legendary shift by Pav at the end there, but still, come the fuck on, you guys.

  • 5:00 ... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhggggg ......
  • 3:00 ... St. Louis nearly wins it after Backes wins a puck in the corner and finds Weaver, flying into the zone, but he doesn't finish ...
  • 1:26 ... Then Oshie finds some space and wrists one, Ozzie comes up with the nice glove save. The Wings are being terribly outshot, and it's weird. I'm officially rooting for Tkachuk to score now.
  • 0:00 ... Funniest thing I've heard all day: "They look lik they are all playing with malaria" -- ITDeuce, A2Y game thread. Right on the money.

  • Wings win the shootout 2-1. Hooray and shit.
  • I was hoping Babs would throw out Abdelkader to start it, just to send a message. Instead Pav misses, Huds scores with what I'm just going to call "The Jiri Hudler Move", Hossa goes glove side high with a wicked shot, and Ozzie does well enough to pull out the win.

  • Good effort from Abdelkader. I like that I have this feeling after every game I've seen him in.
  • On the blue line: I liked the game Rafalski had, until he nearly bent over for the Blues in the waning moments of regulation with a turnover. Lidstrom was very mortal looking. Kronwall is (not so secretly) sucking a lot, I'm at a loss to describe it. Chelios didn't look half bad when I noticed him, but that doesn't mean much. We need Bob Rouse.
  • Hossa has the sickest release in the league, period. His SO goal looked so easy it shouldn't be fair.
  • The Wings should feel embarrassed to take two points in this one. The Blues outshot us 33-20. Babs should rent a semi truck to drive through the lanes the defense is allowing, just to get the point across.
  • I don't know what to make of Ozzie's night. He looked out of place at times, disoriented even, like somebody roofied his water bottle. But he only let three by when it seems as though six or seven could've got passed him, and all three were PP goals. And in comparison to Manny Legace, he was Terry fucking Sawchuk.


Chris Moore said...

The best part of this entire post was your tag of "why is this happening?"

What a post. What a fucking terrible game.

Chris Moore said...

Come on, it is better now, keep your angry posts coming!