February 19, 2009

Hossa drops gloves, terrifies nation of Wing fans

I'll admit that while this was awesome, it scared the piss out of me. At one point during the beginning of the fight, it appeared as though Hoss took a serious blow to the face, but he seemed alright.

As if the guy couldn't endear himself to the Wing faithful enough already, he goes out and exposes those 7.4 million dollar fists to stick up for his teammates.

Whenever Huds takes shit from opposing players, it seems like somebody is always right there to back him up. Remember Lilja/Phaneuf last year? Don Cherry can choke on elk cock ... this team might not fight all the time, but they rarely have to. For whatever reason -- maybe because the Wings are so loaded that other teams have to play responsibly first and agitate later -- other teams don't run at our players like you assume they would against a perceived "soft Euro" team. The Wins do a good job of picking their spots, however. As soon as Jiri got a face wash into the boards, you knew there would be some retribution. You just didn't think it would be Marian Hossa.