February 18, 2009

We Suck

Turns out we're not very good at the whole "blog" thing. Or at least the checking our inbox part.

Brent -- "You know what I haven't logged into in forever? The Triple Deke's email."

I totally thought he was going to say Live Journal.


While spam had infected our inbox like HIV, there were still some emails that we didn't respond to. So we're just putting it out there that we're not total dicks. You have our sincerest of apologies. And just to spite my own negligence, I'm going to link an interview that was passed our way two whole months ago. It's about Wings goalie prospect Thomas McCollom, written by Chris Pope of The Good Point.

Detroit has always been known for advancing their draft picks at their own pace and not rushing them and that won't change with McCollum, but Wings fans will be waiting for his much anticipated action at Joe Louis Arena. With Chris Osgood showing his age even more as every game passes and prospect Jimmy Howard not blossoming into the stud the Wings expected, all eyes turn to the small town kid.

"I have thought about it a bit," said McCollum. "It's extremely encouraging to know that there is some depth there but it's not a ton. It definitely shows me that there is a spot [in Detroit] if I work hard enough."


Tonight I'll be gorging on Italian cuisine at my birthday dinner, thus missing the game live. A recap will be delayed, but completed because I feel slightly obligated to do a Wings/Predators 'cap for reader Chris in Tennessee. If they lose though i'll probably throw my computer out the window. It's not a "must win", but it's definitely a "must not lose", if that makes sense.

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Good to see you guys back at it. Sucks you won't be able to watch the game live, but I understand the whole "birthday dinner" thing. Thank God for DVR. I thank you in advance for the shout-out as far as the Wings/Predaturds recap. These games for me are always a "must win" just so I don't have to hear the local "fans" spout their unintelligent shit. Keep up the good work, fellas.