February 12, 2009

Wild @ Wings - Happy Birthday Us

Red Wings 4-2 Wild

Tonight marks the one year anniversary of The Triple Deke. Who gives a fuck.

We've regressed from an all-encompassing Detroit sports blog to a hockey blog to just a hockey game-recap blog. For year #2, I'd like to post more than just game recaps but I rarely make the time to do it. I'd also like to eventually move to another site but that has been months in the making (heavier emphasis on "months" than the actual "making" of anything). I haven't contributed any variety of, well, anything in weeks, and that disappoints me a bit. I started this thing because I love the Detroit teams and I like writing a lot, but I haven't been that good at it lately in my opinion. It's felt a little stale.

So I'm going to try and do better with this in the next few weeks and gauge where The Triple Deke is going. If it stays sort of shitty, we might have to take it behind the shed and beat it to death with a baseball bat. If it gets better, I'll sell the content of our archives to Yahoo for 1.5 billion dollars and retire anyway. Suck it.

But yeah, the Wings were pretty much phenomenal in this game.

1st Period
  • 20:00 ... It's the Detroit Red Wings vs. the 1990's New Jersey Devils. Let's do this.
  • 18:35 ... The impressive Leino stays on the ice for the first minute and 35 seconds. I like how he seems eager to make his mark early in his pro career without appearing over-anxious or out of place. He not only belongs in top-tier hockey, he looks like he belongs in this system.
  • 13:24 ... To this point, Minny's trap game hasn't effected the flow of the Red Wings' play at all. 5 Shots for Detroit already.
  • 13:00 ... For those around the country who think Mickey Redmond is 100% "homer", listen to his reaction to the Wild's first penalty and rethink that. "The ref strained his neck looking for that call!" I'll give you like 99% homer, but he seemed livid at that call. The guy want's nothing more than it to be 1968 right now. Even the A2Y crowd thought the call was absurd.
  • 10:32 ... Wings score on that power play. Injustice, but we'll take it. Kronner did a superb job using his eyes to direct the Wild defenders one way and then sent the puck another way, and Sammy picked up the scraps. Red Wings 1-0 Wild. (Edit: they did not score on the power play, but about 45 seconds after the PP ended. My bad.)
  • 7:14 ... The Wings' pressure in the Wild end is immense right now. Clutterbuck and another Wild player tried to smother the puck in the slot literally by having sex right on top of it to scare the Wings away. I think I saw insertion and I am not happy about it. Shots are 15 to 4 right now. (Between this play and Sidney Crosby's ass-fisting display earlier this season, the NHL has really reached out to their homosexual audience.)

  • 5:43 ... Now we're in trouble. The Wings get called for two penalties on the same play, already killing a penalty, and now the box is full. 5-on-3 for Minnesota. Can't even gripe about the calls either.
  • ... Brent Burns -- amazing shot to tie the game. A one-timer coming across his body, high glove side. Red Wings 1-1 Wild. Sometimes you just have to forget about what team you root for and appreciate it when some unreal shit happens. For the record, those sentiments go out the window and get buried 50 feet underground once the playoffs start.
  • 2:32 ... Ken Daniels on Brad Stuart's injury: "I guess 'spinal compression fracture' sounds better than 'broken back'." Wait, it does? What? Am I wrong or don't both of those things sound equally horrendous?
  • 1:32 ... Mick is just beside himself with the officiating. Even more than usual. He just let a "jesus" slip out on live TV ... not that I'm offended, but I think it's worth noting since he seems like he's going to drink himself into a coma rather than call the rest of this game. 2-to-1 odds he says he calls one of the refs a fag before the night is over.

2nd Period
  • 18:45 ... Cal Buttfuck charges from the parking lot to seek out revenge on Brett Lebda, and ends up hurting Brett's back. This is the part where I thought Mick was going to commit career suicide and spew out whatever the verbal equivalent to the Holocaust would be, but he somehow restrained himself. Somebody must've tranquilized him during the intermission. (And no, I couldn't care care less if "Cal Buttfuck" is an unoriginal joke. Kiss my ass.)
  • 9:38 ... Lilja moves the puck up well to Huds, gives it to Hoss, and Hossa makes the great extra pass to leave Hudler with basically an empty net. Awesome goal. Red Wings 2-1 Wild.
  • 8:48 ... Holy shit, Marian Hossa you are a sorcerer. He holds the puck around the net, gets everybody in the state of Minnesota to stare him down, and then he passes to Draper who slaps the one-timer home (also, nice job Leino for providing the screen). Red Wings 3-1 Wild. By the way, "Hossa to Draper" immediately reminded me of "Conway to Goldberg" at the end of Mighty Ducks 3. Hopefully more than two people get that joke.
  • 2:45 ... Leino, wow. The Wild spend a solid minute trying to fellate themselves in their own end. Then Leino shows some amazing hands -- catches the puck of the back boards, sets it down and wraps it around for the goal in the blink of an eye. Third goal in six career games. Keep him in Detroit. Red Wings 4-1 Wild.
  • 0:00 ... Wings are out-hitting the Wild, killing them on faceoffs, out-shot them 16 to 6 in the 2nd period (33-18 total), and appear to be having zero issues with their defense. Other than that, Minnesota has nothing to worry about.

3rd Period
  • 17:49 ... I'm glad to see Hoss succeeding without Pav or Hank, because Hank looks great playing with Pav. I know that's not groundbreaking news for anybody who has watched this team the last few years, but I always tend to forget how much different he looks when he's not centering a separate line. He's great by himself, but he's got this killer instinct with Pav that's awesome to watch. Just a thought: maybe because Pav is so good defensively, Hank feels like he can go all out in the offensive end when they play together?
  • 9:35 ... The Wings give up a rare short-hander when Koivu makes a great move on Sammy, cuts to the net and beats Oz to cut the lead to two. I worry now that Ozzie's going to start to press because he doesn't want to let in the dreaded "third goal." Red Wings 4-2 Wild.
  • 6:52 ... What a shift by the Hank/Pav/Cleary line that ends in a Wild penalty. One of the best of the year by any Wings line. Amazing. (I wish they had completely obscure award shows for stuff like that. That's must-see shit right there. "And the award for Best Broken Stick Replacement Handoff From The Bench goes to ..."
  • 3:15 ... More Line #1 domination.
  • 0:00 ... Wings finish off the Wild for the W. 6 Straight wins.


First, I thought Ozzie looked very sharp. It's only one game, but still, it's still fairly encouraging.

Terrific output by the entire team. Hossa had two great assists ... Leino looked good ... The D held down the fort ... Hank/Pav/Cleary didn't produce a goal but still looked. Minnesota played last night, and the Wings did what they should do when playing a home game against a team in the 2nd game of a back-to-back. When they play this well, it's hard to come up with those viscerel, angry posts that TTD reader Chris likes so much. Sorry dude.




Chris Moore said...

Do not let the triple deke die. It is the Wings version of the Pensblog, with 80% less homosexuality. Ok, just maybe 5%.

Tyler said...

That's truly flattering; although if we are even to be 1/100th as relevant as them, we're gonna need additional comments aside from people named Chris. Maybe a Gary, a Steve, a Jimbo ... I mean, the Torango & Moore show is great, but we need some variety here.

Anonymous said...

Just caught up with this blog thanks to the shout-out at A2Y ... I laughed out loud four different times with this post. Classic stuff. Thanks for making my morning. And no, my name isn't Chris.

TDeters said...

Fellas, keep it up. This is a great blog and I laughed out loud as well. Keep writing this stuff and a following will emerge. Go Wings.

Tyler said...

Well, we now have an anonymous and a TDeters. We're on the up and up. And thanks for the kind words.