March 24, 2009


Red Wings 3-5 Flames

I hate this place.

I just don't feel like talking about that game in detail. If you're upset, you can contact Blogger for a full refund at 1-888-CALL A FUCKING PENALTY

Sorry, I honestly don't want to cry about this. But you know what grinds my gears? Inconsistency. The Wings' first goal should not have counted, you have to admit. But then there were a number of Calgary no-calls that were called on Detroit throughout. The roughing call on Sammy caused me to momentarily retire from watching hockey. And one penalty called on the Flames in 60 minutes?? Was Mike Keenan hiding all of the whistles up his ass?

Of course it wasn't entirely the officiating, though: In case you missed it, this was a splendid headline from Puck Daddy yesterday. Brilliant. Ozzie then went on to save 11 of 14 shots a few hours later. (PD)

Let's be done with this.


Wings @ Oilers

The Lilja situation continues to be worrisome. Every day that goes by where we're reading stuff like this ...

His head is pounding constantly, he is bored out of his mind and his conditioning level is slipping ... This is not how Detroit Red Wings defenseman Andreas Lilja was hoping to prepare for the playoffs, but he has no choice. Lilja is not allowed to work out, on or off the ice, until the headaches he has been experiencing for 3 1/2 weeks subside. (Khan)

... makes me feel 2% shittier that I once hated this man like he was Satan incarnate. From Game 5 of the 2007 west finals through the end of last season, I had been plotting a convoluted scheme to kidnap Lilja, place him on an unmanned space shuttle with no food, water or vocal cords (which I planned to have surgically removed so that he had no chance of calling for he....but wait -- of course, Morris code! I didn't think of that ... I'll have to take a hammer to his fingers as well, and probably his toes too just in case he's one of those weird people who can pick shit up with his feet ... whoa whoa wait, we like him now, I keep forgetting .... man this is hard to get used to) and send him to his doom, ridding us all of his tomfoolery and bone-headed defensive zone gaffes.

But you can't knock him for what he's done this year, even a schmuck like me has to acknowledge that. It used to be his only redeeming quality was that he was a big dumb oaf on the PK who could block shots and move bodies. Well this year he's +13 better at even strength than he was a year ago. The give-aways have been few and far in between. When he goes one on one into a corner, you don't feel that same "why doesn't he just save us all some time and let the other team have it" feel. I'm not saying he's Bobby Orr or anything, but I just think his transition from Vile Human Being Who Attempts To Sabotage All That is Righteous and Holy to solid, reliable stay-at-home defender has been at the very least encouraging, and at best a fucking modern day miracle.


Let's rummage through the Paul Coffey Division: Wings/Oilers preview (Lowetide).

Detroit's goaltending was poor last night in Calgary but they made it close late. They have supreme talent up front and a very nice blue, and tonight's game is very likely an L for the Oilers. If they do win, it would be a major blow to the team's chasing Edmonton for the final playoff spot.

And it might just be a preview of RD1 of the NHL's playoffs, spring 2009.

Something about playoff hockey in Canada scares the shit out of me. I'm not afraid to admit it. Memories of Calgary '04, Edmonton '06, or even the tough times we had in Vancouver '02 or Calgary '07 will do that to you.


(Edmonton Sun)

Edmonton's 16-12-5 record is the 25th best in the league. The Red Wings, meanwhile, have the best road record in the league with 22 wins away from the Joe Louis Arena heading into last night's contest against the Calgary Flames ... Despite generating a number of chances, Ales Hemsky has not scored in the Oilers last seven games. Regardless, he's still tied with Sheldon Souray for the team lead in goals with 21 on the season.


Everything you need to know about Dwayne Roloson.

H/T Bingo Bango.


Conk will start, Homer is still out. Go Wings.

Recap late tonight (for real this time).

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