March 12, 2009

Checking In

Still in FLA, and I just finished the most fantastic all-you-can-eat seafood dinner on the planet. I think I made shrimp extinct. Here's a free plug to Orlando's Boston Lobster Feast: the greatest "anything" ever. Basically if you can think of something, it's not as good as what I just ate. I'm going to stop myself right now because a book could be written about what transpired there. It was awesome.

Enough about me. Here's some shit that is probably already too old to link but I'm doing it anyway.


As seen at Hockeytown Static, On the Wings, and anyone else with a keyboard: Hoss and Pavol Demitra ... figure skating. I don't know.

And while it's not everyday that the Los Angeles Kings get mentioned here, this is worth the click (from Battle of California).

"In case you missed it or you're at work, Matt Greene went down to block a shot, took the puck off his face, got back up and covered his defensive responsibility until the whistle sounded, and then went to the bench. Holy fuck. I grew chest hair just reading that."


The feeling I get about discussing the Detroit Red Wings Goaltending Situation is bordering on how I feel about politics. I mean sure, I have my opinions like everybody else, but it's to the point where I don't even want to acknowledge it. It's too exhausting, you end up talking for hours on end, you take sides, and afterward you want to put your mouth around the barrel of a shotgun. So on that note: Freep.

"Ty Conklin will get the start in net Thursday. This is a change in the one-and-one rotation coach Mike Babcock has been using -- it was Chris Osgood's turn to go, but since he's struggled especially at home, Babcock wants Osgood to play Saturday at St. Louis, and then resume the every-other-game rotation. Conklin has won 13 straight at the Joe."


Hoss is getting another night off Thursday, still resting the ol' neck after Brad Stuart-ing into the corner in St. Louis. That's splendid. Everyone who follows this team begins every game hoping that they give at least 85 percent (that's a scientifically calculated amount), and one of the only guys who has busted his ass all year is missing multiple games.

Practice Lines and Pairs:

Homer-Kopy-Sammy (yeah, ok)

Jonathan Fucking Ericsson-Lebda

Hold the phone. Homer/Kopy/Sammy? I get that Coach Cock wants to gently ease him back in, but with that line? I didn't see the PHX game, so I don't know who he played with or how it looked, but simply reading "Holmstrom, Kopecky, Samuelsson" in one sentence makes my brain shut off. I'd at least switch Fil with either Kopy or Homer, because I don't like the sound of those two playing on the same line. But he has a ring so I'll shut the fuck up for now.


JB said...

The Homer/Kopy/Sammy line, pretty much exactly what you would expect...Hopefully this madness will be put to an end once Hossa is back...

Triple Deke Staff said...

Yeah it sucks not being able to see it for myself. But all I picture is Homer and Kopy standing on top of the crease while Sammy skates around like a lost toddler at K-Mart, then finishes off the play by firing a puck into the Detroit River.

- Tyler

Nick said...
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