March 22, 2009

Don't ask

Just one of those nights. This stretch of the season seems really slow.


Absolutely unreal. Brad Richards returned to action tonight for the Stars after missing time with an injured wrist. Then, he breaks the other one. I'd like to know the odds of that. Patty at Penalty Killing isn't too happy.

"Today’s game was the triumphant return of Brad Richards, a week earlier than the low-end of the prognosis. Then halfway through the game, he BREAKS HIS OTHER HAND. He broke! His other! Hand! What in the world is going on here? This poor team cannot catch a break."

A quick look some of Patty's recent posts tell you what it's been like to be a Stars fan this year:


Puck Daddy questions how it can be possible to not entirely hate Sidney Crosby. (PD)


Central Division: The BJ's were the only team to play tonight, winning against the Panthers 3-1. West Standings:

The 2008-09 Avalanche is our favorite team of all time.

Hockey Town Todd said something interesting in an A2Y thread yesterday.

"I went over the Centraal Conference schedules last night with Erik. There is no way that all the teams will qualify for post season,. Too many interconference games left. One or maybe even two of them will be knocked out by the Central games remaining. And Chicsgo appears to have the toughest remaining. Quite possible they may be one of the victims. St Louis seems to have one of the easier remlaining schedules."

His avatar is illegal in 14 states.


Kyle at WTF Holland is a recap tyrannosaurus. It's an encyclopedia of Griffins content. (WTFH)

"Jakub Kindl - It's pretty much becoming the same old story with Kindl. He's just so good with the puck, better than a lot of AHL forwards are, but he's just so inconsistent on defense. He didn't have any glaring mistakes, or even really any little mistakes, but he's just not a dominant AHL defenseman and he's -13 for a reason. However, his confidence is definitely sky high compared to last year, and it seems like he's the kind of player whose defensive brainfarts might be helped out by Detroit's system. He's still definitely got the potential to be a 22-25 minute guy who sees a lot of powerplay time, and while he might never be a top pairing defenseman, he will surely make up for the eventual loss of Nick Lidstrom on the top powerplay unit.. But someone else will need to fill his shoes on the defensive end of things. He had to have played almost half the game though, which is a sign of confidence in that everyone else is just so bad that it would be offensive for Kindl not to play that much."



Our brackets look like shit.


Patty (in Dallas) said...

Boy, I am kind of working a theme, aren't I?

Triple Deke Staff said...

It's always good to be consistent