March 16, 2009

I remember these guys

Red Wings 4-0 Blue Jackets

It's remarkable how scary the Blue Jackets have become, seemingly overnight. Naturally, because they play in the Central, we go into each game just hoping the Wings can find the interest to skate with one of their division rivals. They've been plagued with some sort of "don't give a shit" disease (which roughly translated means "Soft Euro" in Cherryspeak) against these clubs over the last two regular seasons. Last night's game against Columbus, thankfully, didn't have us all throwing our remotes.

It appeared that everything we had been asking for magically appeared. While the Wings have been trying to warn us with obvious signs of an imminent playoff disappointment, they responded to an 8-2 drubbing last weekend at the hands of the BJ's with a dominating win last night. Didn't see the whole game, but I woke up this morning with these pleasant thoughts:

  • With each goal Hossa scores, a tiny part of me dies on the inside picturing him on another team next year. His goal made me stand up and applaud -- alone, mind you -- in front of my computer. It looks like he's trying to win the Stanley Cup on every single shift.
  • Ozzie notched another road shutout. Anytime the Wings play a game and we aren't bashing goalies afterward, it raises our life expectancy by three days.
  • I don't see how Datsyuk has any further room for improvement. It's physically impossible. He's at the absolute apex of his prime, and now we get to see how long it will last. Franzen's goal was awesome in that he looked like 2008 Playoffs Franzen, showing the confidence to make that move and the patience to finish it off. But even so, with Pav drawing the attention of everybody in the arena -- including Ken Hitchcock's stomach which was eyeing a cheesburger in the 18th row -- he still made the perfect play to set up the goal. It was a sweet goal by Franzen but I was still left with thinking it was all Pav's doing.
  • For the portions of the game that I saw, I witnessed some good penalty killing, solid goaltending, cutting off lanes and gap coverage (a hint to aspiring hockey bloggers: any time you drop a "gap coverage", even if you're discussing a hot dog-eating contest, it makes you sound at least 14% smarter than you actually are. Paul Kukla taught me that when we hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro back in 1979 in search of a little-known hydrangea shrub that was sprouting with Dino Ciccarelli's ball hair .... okay, okay, it wasn't Paul but it was definitely a member of his extended family and/or someone who knew his social security number thus convincing me that this quest wasn't a complete farce ....... where am I)
  • Rick Nash was held hat trick-less against the Wings for the first time since indoor plumbing was invented.
  • Unfortunately I did not see Rick Bucher (or anyone within a stone's throw of "Q-list" celebrity status) at the Orlando International Airport like I did last year. I would've even accepted the guy from Sports Soup, but I wasn't that lucky.

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