March 31, 2009

Latest on Lilja

It isn't good: he's done for the remainder of the regular season. Every couple of days now we see the same reports ... I can't begin imagine having headaches non-stop for over a month. I fucking hate headaches. I'd probably start guzzling expired milk just to feel some other type of trauma. (Freep)

For Lilja, though, the wait is interminable. Last week, he opted to travel with the Wings to western Canada because he "missed being with the boys," he said. Until he is headache-free for at least 24 hours, he can't as much as ride a bike for conditioning.

I'm thinking that Lil is done as a top 6-er this season, which is a damn shame given his miraculously leap from being a blind caveman on skates to a reliable pillar of axe-wielding Swedish strength. Even if the headaches subside, he's not going to have any time to get back into playing shape with the emergence of Jonny E, or Brett Lebda, who has somehow turned around a minus-87 or whatever he was 3 weeks into the season, is now a plus player and doesn't look completely out of place anymore.

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