March 18, 2009

Not a Scott Hartnell post

If you like baseball and humor, this is an imperative read: The Dugout has a hilarious mock chat between Gary Sheffield, Magglio Ordonez and Jim Leyland. And Ron Paul.


In lieu of Marty Brodeur's accomplishment, I found this to be interesting: The last three Stanley Cup-winning goalies for the Wings are currently ranked 10 (Hasek), 11 (Osgood) and 12 (Vernon) on the all-time wins list.

Helene St. James says that our favorite Neanderthal is still experiencing headaches. That's not good. That fight he got injured in was a long ass time ago.


More in the ongoing saga of former Red Wing Aaron Ward's Wikipedia page (Hub Hockey).


I just thought this looked weird.

Hartnell's still a douche. Anybody catch him trying to injure Kronwall? I hope his dog dies.


Anonymous said...

Look up "slewfoot" in the dic*ionary and there's a picture of Carrot Top scowling in the penalty box...

Kyle said...

I'm loving the Hartnell hate on this site. He doesn't nearly take the abuse he deserves as one of the biggest pieces of shit in the NHL.

I'm glad he's out of the division now, but it's still really easy to hate another cheapshotting Philadelphia Flyer.

Chris Moore said...

Lets make a hate list for an average Red Wings fan:


And I would suggest the talentless manatee: JS Giguere

Also the overwhelming douche: Jordin Tootoo