March 8, 2009

So uh ..........

What in the hell is going on up there?

Just before hitting the hay last night after my first full day of Blogger-paid vacation, I recalled that I had a certain team to check up on. I wish that I hadn't.

8-2, to the Blue Jackets. How does this happen? How does this physically/mentally/logically/conceivably/rationally/Babcockianly happen? I'm at a complete loss. I can't even begin to imagine how poor the effort had to have been, and this coupled with an already embarrassing night against the Predators -- only a week ago -- is unbelievable.

So for the TTD readers out there -- if you people even exist -- please help me out here. Give me like a "Bottom Three Red Wings" or something. I want to know who sucked the most, who played like Rasheed Wallace on one of those nights where it looks like he'd rather be banging a dude than playing basketball, and who you simply want to light on fire.

God help us all.


Cameron Kittle said...

I couldn't bear to watch the whole game but if I had to pick the three worst players on the ice, I'd go with:

1. Chris Osgood
2. Chris Osgood
3. Chris Osgood

I might be wrong but from my viewpoint, I'd say at least 5 of the 7 goals he allowed were softies.

Gabriel P. said...

Cameron's right...Chris Osgood was HORRIBLE...but these stats are almost as bad. The worst four players last night in +/-?

Lidstrom: -3
Datsyuk: -3
Rafalski: -3
Zetterberg: -4

Yes...Z was the worst +/- player.

Anonymous said...

Gabe I think Rafalski should be a Minus 2 because he surely had to be playing for the BJ's on the goal he got an assist on.