March 19, 2009

Will this goal ever get old?

Despite feeling like I have a compulsive urge to read anything that is consuming bandwidth out there, I somehow missed this yesterday over at Snapshots. Because it was the single greatest achievement in the record history of bipedal movement, I am morally obligated to acknowledge any discussion or comment upon it.

"Yzerman recalls OT goal vs. St. Louis

"It was a rolling puck I picked up in the neutral zone," Yzerman told on Tuesday. "I think that was the second overtime and I remember thinking in the first overtime, 'I'm just going to start shooting the puck from wherever. I'm tired and they're not calling penalties ..."

"The defensemen were just wrapping us up. I wasn't getting a whole lot done, so I decided to start shooting all the time. So I picked the puck up in the neutral zone, I think Murray Baron was the defenseman, and I thought, 'Just shoot it and try to get it past his feet and not hit him.' Sure enough, I found a clear path and it found the top corner. It was kind of a lucky shot because I was just trying not to get it blocked. That was my only playoff overtime goal."

I love that. He "thinks" it was the second overtime. This game practically jolted me into puberty it was so monumental and this guy isn't even sure what fucking period it was. That's pretty "in the zone".


Here's a take from a non-Wings fan about how Detroit's 2008-09 season has been. (The Puck Stops Here)

"When I look at some of the Abel to Yzerman posts on this board sometimes we see some incredible worry and fear about the progress of the Red Wings. What is interesting is the disconnect between those feelings and reality ..."

"The team that plays the best down the stretch has to be considered a very good contender. This season, that team has been the Detroit Red Wings. They have done well in the standings in the past month and a half. They have moved into first overall in the league. If I was a diehard fan of that team I would be optimistic."

I think that the "reality" of things is that there have been some alarming, prolonged trends during this season that weren't present with last year's team. I know the Chief can respond for himself, but as for the rest of us that have gone fetal after watching a number of shoddy defensive efforts this year, there's legit weariness among us.

I like TPSH because of the interesting takes on statistical analysis (this comes as somewhat of a carryover from my love of baseball statistics ... I once had a drunken 3-way with a calculator and Do you know how difficult it is to have sex with a web site? That's what love is.) But outsiders just don't have the same perspective as those of us who have watched all (or at least most) of the Wings games this year. We've talked about gaping lanes and gaps that weren't there last year -- or even any year for that matter. We've stressed about goaltending like in no other year before this. Relatively, yes, we're in good shape compared to some other teams in the league and I could see how any complaining we do would be annoying to, say, Islander fans. However, our complain-to-praise ratio is always going to be a bit skewed because every year Detroit ices a team that can potentially challenge for the Stanley Cup *

And even if you did want to pull stats into it, The Wings are five spots from the bottom in penalty killing and are cooking at a luke warm 78%. In the modern expansion era no Cup winning team has finished worse than 19th in penalty killing, and -- I hate say this -- one of those 19tth ranked-squads had Patrick Roy.

* To anybody revving up a "you're spoiled" comment: This doesn't mean we're spoiled. I'll defend this to the death. If the Wings fall out the elite in a few years and you jump off the bandwagon? Then yes, you're spoiled and you need to have somebody kick you in the balls. But I, and a whole slew of others would remain fans regardless if we were first or dead last. It's too much of a habit, healthy or not, to stay away from this team. Expecting a Cup-winning calibur team to actually go out and win the Cup and "being spoiled" are to entirely separate things.

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I once had a drunken 3-way with a calculator and

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