March 23, 2009

Wings @ Flames pregame - "3rd period shots: CGY 17 - DET 2"

Simply put, the Flames/Wings game on March 12th was preposterous.

Red Wings 5-6 Flames (SO)

If those shot totals are too small for you to read, it says "What the fuck" across the board.


We'd be more impressed with Olli if he could do the Flames logo.


Assumed lines and pairs (from a number of sources ... We're always late with these pregame posts)




It's a shame -- and borderline travesty -- that Bruce MacLeod can no longer give day-to-day Red Wings updates anymore. This was him back in January:

Because of significant layoffs in December at my newspaper, my job duties have changed slightly. I still have the Red Wings beat, but that beat doesn't include travel (hopefully just for the regular season) and hasn't included much practice coverage. The need for staffing in the office is undeniable. I'm not as involved with the Red Wings, but there are a few upsides for me personally. I've renewed my friendship with the snack machine in the office. That's helping the local economy immensely. And I've become much better at Guitar Hero. At this pace, I'll be able to move past the easy level in two or three years.

We Red Wing fans need to start a fund, a petition, a fucking movement ... something that will get Bruce away from whatever else he is doing and back to fulfilling our lives at the expense of his own. It sounds cruel and selfish, but dammit, MacLeod was put on this Earth to reign over the Wing-o-sphere with his limitless knowledge, sex appeal (I imagine that at least one lady reader has thrown her bra at her laptop with Red Wings Corner up on the screen) and astute blog-y-ness. Bruce, if you've substantially lowered your standards of reading material and happen upon our site, we're going through hardcore withdrawals man.


Noticed this after the Thrashers game: Is it just us or has Slava Kozlov aged like terribly since his days in Detroit?

Hmmmm, this seems like a fun game. Let's do some more.

Sergei from the set of "Dawson's Creek"






Brent's computer has been on the disabled list, but he's got one now with Photoshop, and Ski Free. He should be back up to his usual tricks soon. Tyler can color you a dinosaur if you'd like.

To answer a few of your questions:

1) Yes, that is really him.
2) No, he was not sober.
3) No, he doesn't have a Bryan Berard eye.

And as long as Brent's breaking kayfabe here, this is the other guy

Our readership is sure to skyrocket in the "females 9-12 years old" demographic after this post.


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the Hasek one is hilarious.