March 20, 2009

Wings @ Thrashers pregame - Meh

(Update 2:37 -- Flip will play.)

Update from the morning skate in Atlanta: Valtteri Filppula will return to the lineup tonight, after missing two games with back spasms. He'll center a line with Jiri Hudler and Tomas Kopecky. Johan Franzen was sick and didn't practice, but coach Mike Babcock said he will play tonight. The other lines are Franzen-Datsyuk-Samuelsson, Cleary-Zetterberg-Hossa and Meech-Draper-Maltby.


Expect Ilya Kovalchuk to suit up for this one. Then watch this shit in amazement.



In the only meeting between Detroit and Oh My God There's Hockey In Atlanta the Wings won 5-3. In his first game against his former club, Hossa scored a goal that made me pee on things.


Malik says Flip's status is still up in the air, and Homer is going to remain out. (Snapshots)

The Red Wings remain unsure as to whether Valtteri Filppula's still-stiff back can heal in time for him to play tonight, and expect Tomas Holmstrom to sit out at least another game or two as he recovers from a knee injury--so the Wings may have to suit up eight defenders while employing Derek Meech as a forward once again.


Good piece on the success of the Griffins this year. (Red Wings Central)

Forward Justin Abdelkader (Grand Rapids, AHL) is in contention to win the AHL rookie scoring race. With 12 games to go, he is third with 48 points in 64 games, five points behind Tim Kennedy (Portland) and four behind Brad Marchand (Providence). His 22 goals are second to Nate Gerbe's 24.


"I'm kind of jealous that I'm not on this team," Corazzini, the Griffins' leading scorer last season, told the Grand Rapids Press. "It's definitely the fastest, most skilled team I've played against this year, even more so than (first-place) Manitoba. I think it's a team I would have liked to play for."


Oh, so Franzen is one of THESE douche bags (Freep) ...

POKER FACES: Johan Franzen was the last Wing eliminated at Wednesday's charity poker tournament, which raised around $35,000 for the Detroit Red Wings Foundation, spokesman John Hahn said.

"I think he just wanted out of the games so he just went all-in all the time and he was lucky," Henrik Zetterberg said, smiling.

If the Mule pulled that in a poker game at my apartment I'd flip the table over in rage, I can't stand that shit. Then I'd probably ask him what he's doing at my apartment.


Last summer, during a sleepless night of boredom , your humble Triple Deke authors ranked all the jerseys in the NHL. (The only way that sentence could be more pathetic would be if we did a report on a Steven Segal Marathon on TBS). Anyway, when we got to Atlanta at #17, both of us voiced our confusion about Atlanta's nickname.

Tyler: I don't really know what the fuck a "thrasher" is.

Brent: I still don't know what the hell a Thrasher is besides someone who does tricks on a skateboard but apparently it's a tornado shaped bird holding a hockey stick.

This led to one of my favorite quotes of all time, from a Thrashers message board:

"Maybe I'm just southern but how do you not know what a thrasher is?"


Recap very late tonight.


Baroque said...

A thrasher is a brown New World songbird, about 12 inches long, with a long tail and streaky underparts. It's related to mockingbirds.

In my experience, they have more of a tendency than several other songbirds to smash themselves against plate-glass windows. (They aren't at all common at suburban bird feeders, usually eating insects, so most people who don't live in areas with a lot of woods will be much more familiar with starlings, robins, red-winged blackbirds, chickadees, mourning doves, and goldfinches.)

Baroque said...

To clarify:

Most other birds I've seen at bird feeders, by the sides of roads, when walking through the woods, etc. The only times I have seen brown thrashers it was after they had smooshed their own tiny little brains out. Poor things.