March 27, 2009

Wings vs. Islanders pregame - Not a hockey kind of day

Sharks 2-3 Predators

Thanks to our friends in Nashville, the Sharks failed to take advantage of their game-in-hand last night and now we're even with them. 107 points, 74 games played.

As the Sharks sit idly tonight, the Wings have a golden chance to take the top spot in the NHL against the worst team in the league, at home, with a couple days rest under their belts. And if that doesn't scream "let down game" I don't know what does.

News is slow today so I'll update this post if anything actually happens.

Oh wait, this just in ...

Big ol' basketball game tonight.

Go Green.


JB said...

Go White

Cameron Kittle said...

Go Blue? Shit...they bit the big one on the ice AND on the hardcourt.