April 20, 2009

Hard Euros

Dave Dye provided an entertaining read this morning on the Wings increase in physicality in Games 1 and 2.

"I think people get so caught up with the passports on our team," general manager Ken Holland said. "We've got a real strong European influence ... Europeans can't fight, but they're not going to back off. They're not intimidated. They're tremendous competitors. They're going to go to all the hard areas. They're going to take the physical play. They're going to give the physical play."

This made me smile:

"They look like a different team," Columbus captain Rick Nash said.

So to put it another way, Rick, you could say that the Wings, uh, sorta flipped a switch? Or something?

I know that it's been only two games, honestly I know this. But if the Wings keep up this pace, they're going to set a strange precedent. They frustrated us for 82 games because they didn't win 79 of them, and that's the kind of potential that we saw in them. We were worried that 82 games of up-and-down play (which still somehow brought 51 wins) was going to carryover into the postseason, and the bad habits that had been formed for 6 months wouldn't be broken before the end of Round One.

Wow, do we ever look like we don't know a damn thing about sports right now. We'd call it "inconsistency", but the Wings were probably sitting back, chilling out, laughing even, and waiting to unleash everything they had once the playoffs began. Through two games, that's exactly what has happened. 14 more and all future regular seasons will be rendered obsolete.


Cameron Kittle said...

Yep, breaking my superstition about not writing during playoff time is probably the worst decision I've made since I picked Conklin as our playoff starter. Please chastise me at your worst if the series goes Nashville-esque from here on. But they're playing too good to let that happen...right?

As for Lucic, it is actually Lu-Cheech. I'm 100% positive about that. Been forced to watch way too many Bruins' post-game shows to forget that. They love him over here, even if he's only slightly better than the also-loved P.J. Stock.

Tyler said...

Ha, thanks for the info