April 24, 2009

Hockey: where too many BJ's is a bad thing

Feeling curious as to how BJ's and their faithful view last night's Too Many Men drama.

First, Clint Clark at The Cannon.

I'm not going to whine about the too many men call. It totally blows that it decided the game. The refs were calling a very loose game in the 3rd and then pulled out that call in the final minutes. We had our chances in this series. It would have been great to see OT Playoff hockey, but it is what it is. The following beer bottle tossing was disgusting and dangerous. I know fans get pissed, but you can't throw crap on the ice when our guys are out there. Very low class move.

Honorable, Clint. Nicely put.

Michael Arace at Puck-Rakers spoke with supervisor of officials, Kevin Collins.

He said (the call) is automatic. He said, "How could I live with myself if I didn't make the call? It's the right call." He said, hypothetically, that if the player in Modin's position doesn't touch the puck, then there is no whistle.

More Rakers: Mike Commodore, talking.

"To lose an elimination game, when there were no holds barred, on a call by a linesman . . . It's just not right."

You know what's not right? Everything you do in life, Mike. Oh, and that clip of Babcock, talking about how "being 'physical' is not running around like a chicken with your head cut off"? We have a hunch as to who he was talking about.

Over at Bethany's Hockey Rants:

The final goal for the Red Wings came off a controversial call (one I missed thanks to the drunk boys in front of me who were a little confused about how playoff OT actually worked), the fans were mad and let it show after the goal by throwing crap on the ice, something I don’t support at all...I really was just happy that there were no octopi on the ice.

All things considered, the BJ crowd last night should be remembered first for being loud and standing on their feet for the last two periods, and secondly for the littering thing. But still:

... thanks to the drunk boys in front of me who were a little confused about how playoff OT actually worked ...

That is absolutely priceless.


Do the San Jose Sharks hate their fans?

Sharks 0-4 Ducks

"I think our character was questioned tonight," Sharks Coach Todd McLellan said.

By the time the door to the Sharks' dressing room opened, most of the players' stalls were empty. But a few players were there to face the tough inquiries. You could almost feel invisible waves of frustration emanating off Jeremy Roenick. "For some reason," he said with quiet disgust, "we were stale."

Roenick candidly acknowledged that the Sharks had not shown any emotion related to desperation in the final month of the regular season. It's catching up to them now. They were shut out just twice in the regular season. They've been shut out twice in this series.

Ironically, the only possible thing that can save the Sharks at this point would be a speech of Mighty Ducks proportions.


This is a little overdue, but it's necessary. And awesome.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that was awesome. But DO NOT ever again write nice things about Boston fans. EVER. They have that special mix of ego and ignorance that make them the most obnoxious group on the planet. This is obviously the exception that proves that rule.

Let's Go Red Vings!


yzemaze said...

"thanks to the drunk boys in front of me who were a little confused about how playoff OT actually worked"

the hockey-noobs commentating on FS-Ohio (BJ) explained it too and iirc got it right - after talking bs time and again (Draper [sic!] got a penalty and more often than not Wings were on the ice while actually sitting on the bench...)

Just hoping next feeds over here are FSD again, I want Ken & Mickey back...

Triple Deke Staff said...

Ahhh the advantages of still living in MI -- Ken and Mick (and even Murph) every single night.

- Tyler