April 17, 2009

Ken Hitchcock stopped eating for two seconds to say something


"I was thinking about this this morning after watching the tape. I don't think Detroit would do anything in drag racing, because they would never pass the Christmas Tree test. The would be red-lighted (for a false start) every time because their wingers cheat,'' Hitchcock said. "So we're going to cheat just like they are. The power-play goal they scored, their winger went in on the move, good for him. We're going to do the same thing. It'll be interesting to see who gets kicked out first.''

In related news, Ken Hitchcock's neck looks like a ball sack.


J.J. from kansas said...

Ken Hitchcock thinks drag-racing is getting out of the dressing room before Darren Garcia.

Triple Deke Staff said...

That's classic. Nice to see you found your way toward these neck of the woods, J.J.

- Tyler