April 27, 2009

Other teams playing hockey

Any day now.


Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, Game 6
Capitals 5 - 3 Rangers

Russo's Rants:

I can’t see at all how the Rangers win this series now. Boy, Rangers coach John Tortorella put this series in a whole world of hurt for the Blueshirts. As I mentioned on the blog a few days ago before it happened, I would have also considered scratching Sean Avery, but only if they actually lost Game 4.

But he scratched Avery in Game 5. The Rangers didn’t show up, then Tortorella gets himself suspended for Game 6. Plus, Avery returns and is a shell of his former self. As color analyst extraordinaire Ed Olczyk telestrated during one sequence, Avery was so trying to behave, he intentionally was refusing to even check anybody.

Russo gets the green highlighter treatment since he's a Minnesota guy. I could tell you were curious about that one. And colors are fucking amazing by the way.

Per Scotty Hockey:

Should the league do the right thing and suspend the repeat offender Brashear long-term? Do you think Brash will use the Chris Simon defense - that he was hit first and 'concussed'? Say what you want about Sean Avery's antics, he doesn't attempt to injure - just to annoy.

I never thought I'd say these words, but I hope the Rangers win tomorrow. Before the series started I had them winning in seven, but I didn't anticipate these circumstances obviously. Still, absolutely nobody is giving them a shot tomorrow, and according to my own personal view on twisted nonsensical logic, that puts NY at an advantage.


Western Conference Quarterfinals, Game 6
Blackhawks @ Flames

Five Hole Fanatics has an interesting post up on Miikka Kiprusoff's expected stats vs. actual stats.

Of all the NHL goalies that played this season, only Raycroft, Budaj, Legace and Lalime under-performed their expected GAA to a greater degree than Kipper according to this process. Toskala and Ersberg tied with Kiprusoff at +.24. The delta between his expected SV% and actual also placed him at the bottom of the list - tied with Marty Turco and ahead of only the Colorado tenders, Ersberg, Toskala, Legace and Lalime.

hypothesized last summer that we'd see something like this out of Kipper this season based on his steadily declining stats, although looking at stuff like this now I'm still slightly surprised at how far he's slipped. The Flames probably didn't even really get replacement level performance out of him this season - and he's signed for another five more years. The question now becomes: is this as low as he goes?


Western Conference Quarterfinals, Game 6
Sharks @ Ducks

Per Mr. Plank at Fear the Fin:

I'm not sure if this is a trend, but it's interesting- both wins this series came after an "emotional" change to the team. Torrey Mitchell's return in game three brought a 4-3 victory, while a meeting between McLellan and his big guns prompted last night's win. While they don't have any opportunities left in that regard, having Carlyle question the validity of your game winning goal could be some decent bulletin board material. It's either that or call and see if Arturs Irbe would like to suit up for one last playoff run.

I'm curious if there is a single Wings fan who doesn't want the Sharks to win this series. Or at least win tonight, so that if we get the Ducks it can potentially be on one day's rest.



J.J. from Kansas said...

I already have the photoshop ready to go for when the Sharks get knocked out of the playoffs. That being said, I'd still rather see them in the conference finals.

Triple Deke Staff said...

You can start revving up that PS, J.J. Getzlaf just hit the empty net.

J.J. from Kansas said...

I emailed it to the chief, but here's the link. http://tinyurl.com/css6e3

The reason the Sharks lost.