April 29, 2009

Pavel Datsyuk: Hart Finalist

Some raunchy good news from Ansar Khan.

The Red Wings' Pavel Datsyuk is one of the three finalists for the Hart Trophy as league MVP. The official annoucement is due in about an hour. Don't know for sure who the other two finalists are, but it's safe to assume Washington's Alex Ovechkin and Pittsburgh's Evgeni Malkin are the other two.

Datsyuk is the first Red Wing to be named a Hart finalist since Sergei Fedorov won the award in 1994.

This is great. Yeah you can say it's just a fucking award, but still, come on. This was deserved. If it doesn't go to Malkin I will be surprised, but the nomination is cool enough.


Speaking of Fedorov (segue)

Just like old times, eh? I mean literally, just like it: this goal was nearly identical to his Game 3 winner in the 1998 Cup Finals -- coming down on the same wing, he pulled up to his forehand, and before the D-man could process Fed's next move, the puck was roofed short side, with Kolzig staring at his glove. Lundqvist was in that same, statuesque pose as Kolzig was.

Once again I was thwarted in my attempts to find video of this. If you find it, send/comment a link or something.


Matt said...

Gotta love how the screencap YouTube pulls is Ovechkin's drive-by fist-bumps at the bench, rather than, say, Fedorov at any point in the video.

Sergei said he could hardly breathe after the game when talking with Chris Simpson. I wonder if that's because he got tackled into the boards by Ovechkin...

Triple Deke Staff said...

I picture A.O. is like the rambunctious puppy and Sergei is the oldtimer who just wants him to pipe down so he can get some sleep.

- Tyler

RT said...

We shoulda picked up sergei at the deadline for kopecky and some decent prospect that will never see the nhl while with the wings like matthias ritola.

Imagine him centering the 3th line with some teammates that will actually pass him the puck every once in a while and not tackle his old ass into the boards after he uses his time machine to go back to circa 1994 and channel his 23 year old self. This goal is why i wore #91 in midget hockey. Welcome back to relevance sergei, we missed you.

RT said...

Also, it makes me sad that people in the nhl will never recognize pav for how great he truly is. Ovechkin is the best OFFENSIVE player in the league. Malkin is the best PLAYMAKER in the league.
And Pavel is the best HOCKEY PLAYER in the league.

He scores, he makes plays for his teammates, he forechecks, he backchecks, he hits (without putting himself out of position *cough*OVECHKIN*cough*), he kills penalties, he plays the power play, and hes as exciting as any other player in the league. I'm sure you could throw some pads on him and he'd play some stellar goalie as well.

To me, the hart trophy goes to the best HOCKEY PLAYER in the league and thats pav without a doubt. I'm biased to the max but Dats deserves better...

Osrt said...


Where are you sitting for the game? I'll be in section 106 with my cousin. Let me know if you want to meet up during intermission or something.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Osrt that's a grand idea. Brent and I will be in 218 ... you know, where the poor people sit. We should do a Triple Deke photo op so that we'll have documented proof of at least one fan.

Email thetripledeke@gmail.com with like a phone number or whatever so we know where to meet up. Or if you have a better idea that's cool too.

Also, if any of the other 7 readers are going, feel free to get in on this.

- Tyler