April 21, 2009

Well that's cool

As seen at MacLeod's lounge, Andreas Lilja participated in a live chat here.

Most of the responses have been rather generic, but I bet that juggling dozens of questions at once can get hectic, especially for a guy who's brain is bleeding. However, this was worthy of a laugh:

(Comment from guest) -- "who has the worst playoff beard on the team?"
(Lilja) -- "Right now, it has to be Filppula. He could have started one at Christmas, and still not have a good one."

Some questioners tried to pry into mysterious subjects like Draper's injury or Darren McCarty's status. I can only imagine Ken Holland standing in the back with Lilja's contract and a lighter, and any time Draper's name would come up, Lilja would nervously look back and see Holland threatening to set the contract on fire.


J.J. from Kansas said...

Here's to hoping Lilja will be ok by next season and that whatever brain damage he got didn't hurt the switch he had turned on this season that changed him from a one-mistake-per-game guy to a blue-line beast.

cmk said...

My husband and I are both 100% Finn, too, and neither one of US can grow a beard worth s***, either.