April 22, 2009

Wings @ Blue Jackets - Next please

Western Conference Quarterfinals, Game 3
Red Wings 4-1 Blue Jackets

The first two playoff posts were about Chris Osgood, and how amazed we were at his play.

Yeah no shit -- everyone is. But to be honest last night seemed like the best performance out of the three. His rebound control was pristine. Not one time did he flinch. We wouldn't give a damn if we started the next 13 posts following a win by talking about how good Ozzie was. Hell we might even have to start cutting and pasting at the rate he's going. Yes, we'd have to say goodbye to our seven-figure Blogger salary, but if it means #12 is on the way? We'd burn this bitch to the ground.

Here's some other stuff that we thought about during the game that we've put into text for you to read.

  • The one goal Ozzie did allow was attributed to being a man down, and an inability to clear the puck. It was a shame he didn't get the shutout, he deserved it.
  • The first goal: Homer makes a defensive play (?), initiates a rush, and scores from an inch out 67 seconds in following a rebound. Absolutely perfect start against a team playing their first ever home playoff game.
  • Babcock sneakily put Hossa out with Helm and Kopy early on, which was brilliant. The Homer/Pav/Hossa remained in tact for the majority though.
  • There was a camera shot of Steve Mason with angry eyes. It was frightening. It's like somebody in the first row was holding up a naked picture of his mom.
  • Mick continued to refer to Raffi Torres as "dangerous", which I think is Mick-speak for "dirty".
  • The second goal was an uplifting experience, for it was nice to see something good happen to Brian Rafalski and Dan Cleary in the same play. Raf did an expert job walking down the line and then turning toward the net. And then Cleary pulled the equvilent of a fade-away jumper in traffic to get the goal.
  • At one point there was an "Ozzzz-Goooood" taunt. Columbus, bless your little heart.
  • Jakub Voracek has 27 minor penalties this series.
  • Brad Stuart almost killed R.J. Umberger. It seriously looked like a person getting hit by a car. After dusting off the cobwebs Umberger gained his footing, but it took him a minute. I can't imagine that Stuart has ever laid as good of a body check as that one.
  • Then our boy Commodore tried to get retribution in the form of Dan Cleary 30 seconds later, but missed and flew into the Wings bench. If you watch the replay of this you can faintly hear Babcock telling Commodore "your mom has a penis."
  • And then, Commodore is preoccupied with thoughts of kissing men, leaves Zetterberg wide open in the slot and it's 3-0. God that felt great, to score just as the crowd was trying to get back into it. All in all Mike Commodore should probably just retire and take up knitting.
  • Where were all the "Detroit sucks" chants?
  • Brad Stuart made a great play to keep the puck out of the net in the 3rd, temporarily preserving the shutout. To do that in a three goal game late in the 3rd shows how bad they wanted another goose egg. What a game he had.
  • Just a so-so performance from Marian Hossa. The strange home/road difference in his play continues.
  • Great game from the Mule, his overall game continues to grow by the minute.


Chris Moore said...

Awesome! Loved all these -

"Columbus, bless your little heart."

"It seriously looked like a person getting hit by a car."

"All in all Mike Commodore should probably just retire and take up knitting."

Anonymous said...

I am truly amazed that everyone is "amazed" by Opie in the playoffs. He has always had the talent. Remember that they didn't get over playing hockey (2008 Cup winners!)and the accompanying celebrations and hangovers until sometime in July. They went back to pre-season conditioning and training a few weeks later. You cannot compete at that level 24/7. Maybe you could physically, but surely not emotionally. So basically - they all, and Opie in particular, were pacing themselves. Much like training for a marathon. We are now seeing the results of that. More importantly - Opie has Heart. If we go to war - I pick Opie for my side. All your other game analysis...??? absolutely dead nuts on.

Let's Go Red Vings!


Triple Deke Staff said...

Chris if there was a blogging equivalent to a "fluffer", you'd be it. I mean that in a good way.

And Tram, I am now convinced that you are in fact Chris Osgood himself. There is no way, just no fucking way that you could have foreseen this without being him. I mean seriously, what else do you know? Do you know where Bin Laden is? Are you holding the cure for cancer? And most importantly, where in the fuck is my missing 1989 NHL sticker book? Your country is depending on you Tram. (Unless you're from like Canada or something.)

- Tyler

yzemaze said...

well, #23 definitely needs a horn or he'll face legal charges sooner or later...


Anonymous said...

No, I am not Opie. My father was born in Canada, though - and you never know WHERE he has been (if you know what I mean) - so I might be related to Opie some how. No, I am just a loyal Red Ving fan who stumbled across this blog by accident in the search for something. I don't even remember what it was now. Your blog is funny and smart and positive. Go Red Vings! Go Opie!