April 23, 2009

Wings @ Blue Jackets pregame - Columbus juggles lines in vain attempt to look competitive

The Jackets practiced with these lines according to the Columbus Post Dispatch:




It just doesn't matter right now. Hitchcock could throw all the names into a hat and do the lines that way -- he's never going to find a matchup that doesn't make him want to kill himself.

And Jan Hejda didn't skate. That would be a huge blow for the BJ's (fellatio joke).


Your three Nick Lidstrom Award finalists: Mike Green, Zdeno Chara and the trophy's namesake.(NHL.com)

This time around, Lidstrom is again a nominee, but the outcome is not so certain. Not because Lidstrom had an off year, but because of the strong candidacies of Chara and Green.

If the Captain didn't have an off year, then the award should be his, period. It's a simple formula really.


Drapes will be sitting out yet again. (Khan)

"I (ask the doctor) every morning to see where we're at, and I haven't gotten anything positive,'' Draper said. "It's really in the doc's hands. Once he says yeah, away we go."

Okay. As a fan base we've discussed at length what the hell is wrong with him. It's a fucking mystery. The only way the injury report could be more vague would be if he was listed as "Whatever". So we're just going to say what you're all thinking but are too scared to say aloud:

Kris Draper has chronic diarrhea.


Franzen-Zetterberg-Draper (subbing for Cleary)



Draper continues to practice but not play, while Cleary plays but doesn't practice.


J.B. on the contrast in poise between the Wings' youngsters and the Jackets' "veterans" (Bingo Bango).

I would say that our young guys, Ericsson and Helm, seem to be playing with the poise of veterans. A controlled and productive effort from them on every shift....And honestly, Commodore has also been around long enough to stop acting like an utter Donkey Dick, or a 'playground bully' and get his job done.


Hope we never get to an age where this type of thing isn't funny anymore.


Cock Cup standings: 3-0 Babs. With a win tonight he can clinch the championship against his bitter rival Hitch, and secure this for his trophy cabinet.

Recap probably tomorrow. Go Wings.


Rumbear said...

"Donkey Dick"!

Is that a hockey term? Just asking...

Matas said...

Kris Draper doesn't have chronic diarrhea. I think its more like GINGERvitis.