May 27, 2009

Facepalm: Pittsburgh



I get the sense that a lot of you don't like the Penguins.  The comments I read on other Wing sites ... man, you fuckers are vicious.  You can't stand this team, their fans, or the perceived love affair that the Commish has with Sidney Crosby's penis.  Even my hetero cohort Brent hates the Pens, and he's a relatively friendly guy (one time he offered to make me a pork tenderloin .... again I stress: hetero.  I swear.)

So I'm going to voice what is probably an uncommon opinion for somebody in my seat:  I'm happy the Penguins beat the Hurricanes.  I want to see a rematch, and not one of the 2002 Finals.  I want to face Pittsburgh not because I think we have a better chance of beating them than the Canes, but because it would be more rewarding.  You might say winning the Cup is rewarding enough, and I understand that, but ideally, to go through the Poster Boy twice in as many years would be rather choice.  It would be the cherry on the icing of the Dynasty cake.  Carolina, to me, would leave something to be desired, mainly because this has felt inevitable since the Pens got hot a few months ago.  That team was deader than dead.  Then, Bylsma happened -- and these two teams have been on a collision course ever since.  Had Carolina won this series, it wouldn't have felt right to me.  I'm excited that we're only a win away from seeing an incredible rematch.

Another thing you might not like:  I don't hate the Penguins.  In fact I liked them all through the Mario years (at least 15% of this "like" is probably attributed to the movie Sudden Death; Van Damme lighting the guy on fire with a squirt gun was one of the 10 greatest moments of my childhood).  I don't like Crosby any more than you do, but the hockey fan in me loves watching them play, especially Malkin.  That guy's an absolute beast.  On the whole I'd be grasping at straws for reasons to hate them, so I'm not going to conform to it.  I mean, I hope we beat the shit out of them, but that's different.  I want to see that regardless of who we play.

And don't doubt that a rematch would be incredible.  Last year's series wasn't quite "great" on the historic scale: from the 3rd person-view, the first two games were duds; the third one was close and extremely tense; the fourth one was a flat-out great hockey game; the fifth one was an epic, Pantheon achievement of human excellence that, for Wings fans at least, was like being put through a five hour-long execution; and the sixth one was an OK game with a terrific finish.  So, just think how insane a rematch would be, as the Champs defend their trophy to the death while the hungry underdogs would rather die than lose once again.  Yeah, that's a lot of dying ... ultimately though a series this huge would not be without such casualties.  We have their hired gun from last year, and that's going to motivate them like crazy, regardless of what they say publically.  They've got the memory and experience of that horrible sting they felt last year, and for that reason alone this series would be very, very tough.  Historic, even.


We have got to win tomorrow night.  Championship teams don't have their opponents' as emotionally pummelled as the Hawks are without finishing them off.  A home loss under these conditions would be weak to the highest degree.

Don't fuck up.  Go Wings.


RT said...

so i don't remember whether or not nik touched clarence campbell trophy last year. i know stevie always did. anyone remember?

Baroque said...

No, he didn't touch it - in the pictures his had is resting on the table next to it, and he skated off without looking back at it.

To be fair, Crosby said they didn't touch it last year and didn't like the way the finals went, so figured they'd do it differently this time.

Like most superstitions, it gets its power from the belief people have - if you don't believe it, it doesn't affect you.

J.J. from Kansas said...

Crosby grew up a lot this year and I actually don't hate him. I've gained a lot of respect since I last called him the "Yambag Hammerer".

I still hate half the reasons I used to hate Crosby though. Hearing him constantly anointed as hockey's savior may no be his fault, but it still pisses me off.

Tyler said...

"...may no be his fault, but..."

J.J. I had no idea you were Spanish. You've made our blog twice as diverse as it was yesterday. Thank you.

Cameron Kittle said...

I'm totally in agreement with the non-Pens hate. I always enjoy watching them play more than any other non-Wings team in the league. I love cracking jokes about Crosby and Bettman, but I have a lot of respect for Crosby's talent and I think he's way better than Ovechkin in terms of overall skill.

That said, I hope the Wings advance tonight and blow them out of the water. I think it will be a closer series than last year though.

cmk said...

I will always have a totally irrational hatred of the Penguins and especially Sid. If I saw him on the street, I'd want to slap his face on principle alone. I would love to see the Wings demolish the Pens and leave them crying in the corner in pools of their own drool. I have a vicious streak.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it - a Pens/Wings final will be more fun. It will be so much more gratifying to beat the Penguins. I'm getting the oranges, the candles and the hat ready. I WILL remain clothed. That is, unless the Wings NEED me to drop trou.


J.J. from Catalonia said...

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father; prepare to die.