May 20, 2009


(UPDATE 3:02 pm: additional bullet point)

Western Conference Finals, Game 2
Red Wings 3-2 Blackhawks (OT)

Nick Lidstrom:

"I don't know if you could call it 'stealing,' but we were definitely fortunate.  This was not our best effort."

We've probably never had a contending opinion to something Lidstrom has said.  Part of the reason is because it's hard to disagree with such outlandish decrees as "we're taking it day-by-day" and "we've just gotta play 'our game'".  But this sure as shit looked like stealing.

The Hawks have to be absolutely, 100 percent, "dad backed over the dog in the driveway" depressed after this game.  They registered 39 shots, 19 of which came in the first period.  Ozzie held down the fort and deserved at the very least to be 3rd star.  This might have been his best game in the last 12 months.

Brian Campbell washed away all memories of an otherwise good game with his blowjob on Sammy in Overtime.  Probably needs to dump that puck in .... or .... no?

"If I'd do the play over again, maybe, I'd put a little sauce on that," he said. "But I've got to make that play."


And, Shotgun Sammy.  


You wonderful piece of doofus.  We would've liked to drop kick you in the mouth while wearing skates after you didn't clear that puck on the penalty kill.

But those sentiments have evaporated.  You forced Campbell into a tough spot (expertly detailed here) and finished when you needed to finish.  Two games, two game-winning goals.  That's absurd.

Other thoughts ....

  • This might not be the appropriate time to bring it up, but you're probably watching the supporting cast play Marian Hossa out of town.  If ever there was an example for depth superseding the importance of isolated talent, you've seen it in the last two rounds.  In case you aren't paying attention, Dan Cleary and fucking Mikael Samuelsson are picking up the slack left by Datsyuk and Hossa.  
  • Speaking of which, Pav is one more goal-less game away from losing his fucking mind.  At one point last night he gave three one-handed slashes while chasing a Hawk and then tried wildly to shove him into the bench.  Even when he's consciously trying to be physical he doesn't do things like that.
  • T'was the afternoon of The Triple Deke's 300th post.

  • Speaking of which .... this will be like the third link in a row for our feathered adversaries, but we can't pass up this:

Someone should also probably tell (Dave Bolland) he’s not Gunner Stahl, the infamous Icelandic sniper from Mighty Ducks 2.  When he picked Zetterberg’s pocket in the second to give himself a breakaway, he should have driven hard to the net and at least drawn a penalty, instead of teeing it up from 65 feet out.

  • Toews, with a little help from Overtime, finally cracked the 18 minute mark.  He had two goals and three shots.  Kane, split up for this game from Toews, was a lot more noticeable than in Game 1 ... Babcock said he "was having too much fun out there".  So much fun that Hank and co. moved from covering the Toews line to Kane's. 
  • Dan Cleary is like 1998 Marty Lapointe, but with a bigger beard and a propensity to get hit in the face by a teammate at least once a game.
  • It should probably be noted after this post that, yes, the Wings did indeed win an OT playoff home game.  They're now 3-11 in that category in the 2000's.  
  • Chicago was pushing the Wings back at their own blueline way too much.  At times there was nothing keeping the Hawks from flying into the zone.  How this was allowed to happen time and again was mystifying.  Better patch that up before Game 3.
  • (Forgot one thing:  Fil's pass to end the game.  It felt criminal to not to give him the credit for making the extra pass when nobody would've blamed him had he shot it, so it's a must add.  Of course it would've been preferred that he get the goal, just to make TTD look eerily smart for tabbing him for the game-winner, but that's being far too picky.  It was a terrific set-up.)


RT said...

its scary to imagine this team with a 78+ percent penalty kill (which has been the norm for this team for over a decade), a healthy hossa (im positive that after the finals it's gonna come out that he has at least a shattered testicle), and sammy admitting that he stole pavel's scoring touch from his locker while he was in the shitter

i dont understand our terrible PK this whole damn year. anyone got any theories?

Triple Deke Staff said...

We did a post months ago, detailing how no Cup-winning team in the modern (expansion?) era had finished worse than like 19th. I'm too lazy to find it now but I think it was one of the Avalanche championship teams. At the time the Wings were like bottom-five ish ... and now we praise Christ if they give up only one per game.

I am not anywhere near smart enough to pick up little details that are making the PK the way that it is. But I do know that the Wings have a even strength goals for/against ratio of 1.93, which is preposterously good compared to the remaining teams in the playoffs (the next three teams are out ... Pens are second with a 1.11 ratio.)

- Tyler

Anonymous said...

Pav is one more goal-less game away from losing his fucking mind.

I blame Dr. Rahmani for jacking with his eyesight.

Jeff, OKwingnut

shot blocker said...

wings experience seems to be prevailing once more , would still like to see a hawks-pens final. unlimited goal potential .