May 23, 2009

Holding Serve

Chris, Tram .... sorry.  Told you fuckers.  Just had a bad feeling about this one.

And if Chicago wins pivotal Game 4 (which according to our pre-series thing we have them winning .... although maybe the only thing more insignificant than pregame predictions are pre-series predictions .... all in all we have wasted an inordinant amount of time with this website), the Wings will still have home ice, which has been huge for them the last two years.  Just jotting that down now in case our collective world gets boned from behind on Sunday.

Yeah.  Plenty of shit to get to tomorrow.


Baroque said...

After game two, I told my mom something like "I would be shocked if Detroit took both games in Chicago, and not surprised at all if Chicago took both home games. They aren't a crappy team and play well at home."

Before the series, I figured Detroit would EITHER split the first two, and split the second two games OR take the first two then drop the second two - followed by winning games five and six (as I cannot handle a game seven and do not want them to do that to me).

I'm sticking with Wings in six.


And Drew Sharp should be disembowled by a plastic-spork-wielding mob. On general principles, if for no other reason.

Forklift said...

Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.

Oh, if you thought what I said about Kronwall's hit was wrong, you should hear what happens when I get going on either Matt Walker or Brian Campbell.