May 26, 2009

Lidstrom, Datsyuk update

We were at the Wings' practice toda--

(wait, scratch that, we're worthless)

Khan reports from Wings' practice that both of our two best players sat out.

Datsyuk, skated for about 15 minutes before practice, the first time he has been on the ice since Game 2 last Wednesday.

"Feel better,'' Datsyuk said. "I tried today on ice a little bit, a little bit hard to turn, we'll see tomorrow.''

Datsyuk, who worked out extensively in the gym, said he blocked a shot during the penalty-kill in the second period of Game 2 vs. Chicago. Oddly enough, the puck hit him in the same spot as it did in Game 5 vs. Anaheim. X-rays revealed no damage, however.

"Usually it's not double-shot in same spot,'' Datsyuk said. "Surprised it's same spot two times.''

They skated the same lines that they used last game:



The change in mentality between those frightening few minutes pre-Game 4 and right now is remarkable.  In the sole context of this series (forget the suicide-inducing thought of missing these two guys in the Finals), my weariness has been swept away by one word:


I never went deep into any thoughts on Game 4.  But if I did it would've included A) the complete awe that I was in that our two best players -- the greatest defenseman that I've ever seen, and our best forward/MVP candidate -- played zero part in a profoundly destructive and dominant performance (one that won't soon be forgotten, either); and B) that Quenneville has totally gone batshit about losing to the Red Wings.  The dude is looney.  And it's filtering down to his team, as we saw in Game 4, as Hawk after Hawk lost his mind and fell prey to the Wings' own form of, let's call it, "clean thuggery".  It's a stretch, I know.  But as I see it, where other teams lack the talent to affect a game the way the Wings do, they revert to post-whistle scrums, sending messages and other bullshit that people in our camp lash out against -- i.e: Thuggery.  The Wings, however, frustrate the livng fuck out of their opponents until they fall completely off the ledge and forfeit any competitive edge that they once had.  When teams like Chicago reach that point -- as a number of Quenneville-coached teams have over the years -- they're done.  There's no going back.


cmk said...

The term 'batshit crazy' was invented just for Joel Q.

J.J. from Kansas said...

Quenneville is one series loss to the Red Wings away from getting a tribal tattoo on his face and a bit part in a summer comedy.

AxeMaster9 said...

Seriously dude why not just change the name to A Red Wings blog. If you start talking about the lions/pistons/tigers I am taking you off fast dial and wearing my pants from here on out when I read your site. Maybe its the Crown Royal talking but... Well but nothing, its the crown royal talking.

Tyler said...

Axe, funny you mention it. Brent's working on the new banner as we speak. We move at a glacier pace around these parts; we've been talking about moving sites for like 8 months, and we started with the "primarily Wings" thing around February I think. By the time we do complete a move, the Internet will be as outdated as VCRs and Huey Lewis albums.

Tyler said...

(the previous comment was made without pants.)

AxeMaster9 said...

Fucking. Awesome.

Rumbear said...

You need to get out more. Start here.