May 25, 2009

Nannerpuss FTW

Western Conference Finals, Game 4
Red Wings 6-1 Blackhawks

Me, Brent, and our friends spent many nights at the local Denny's where we grew up.  The food was questionable, some of the employees were a little strange, but other than that we have some fond memories of that place.  One time my friend Nick told the waiter that "there was a pube in his fries," -- to which the waiter shouted, "A PUBIC?" loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear.  Another time my friend John nearly killed himself trying to eat three whole pancakes in ten seconds.  On certain nights, when it's like 3 AM and I'm hungry and loathing the idea of going out to the East Lansing IHOP, I say to myself, "Man, I fucking miss Denny's."

For this reason, I have absolutely no qualms about pimping Nannerpuss for the rest of the playoffs.  Do you think it's a just a coincidence that I randomly threw that video up, and then the Wings played as good of a game under the circumstances that they possibly could?  Don't be a dumbass.

Nannerpuss stays until we lose one, maybe two in a row.  He came through in the clutch yesterday.


Reader Jim sent in this fantastic email:

Saw this in a Seattle paper and just had to think of you for some reason and thought you might enjoy this -

Seattle officers were in little position to argue with Robert Cardiel, whom they found hiding in a Little Saigon parking lot.

"When I smoke crack," Cardiel allegedly told police, "I always take off my pants."

Cardiel's appearance at the time backed his claim; clad in a jacket and socks, Cardiel, 40, was naked from waist to ankles, according to court documents.

Police had been called to the South Dearborn Street lot just after 8:15 p.m. on April 8 after a woman traveling with her children was approached by the partially nude Cardiel, police say. The woman told police she saw Cardiel wandering the lot, looking into parked cars before he turned and approached the woman's vehicle to ask for a lighter.

My mom would be proud to know that I've impacted the Internet in such a way that strangers are sending me stories about naked crackheads.


Blogger has given us the holiday off.  We'll be back tomorrow with actual sports content.

Go Wings.


Anonymous said...

Tyler, that whole Nannerpuss/crackhead thing was friggin hilarious.

I tend to agree, no jacking with the mojo.

Lets Go Red Wings.

Jeff OKWingnut

Anonymous said...

Per Baroque's suggestion, I won't do the FULL fruit puppet - just the orange smiley thing. Yep, it will be me, sitting in a candlelit room, with a nasty Tiger rally cap on, with an orange-peel smile (like Vito Corleone)rooting for the Wings. We are twisted people. Go Opie!


Brent said...

Once you get Nannerpuss stuck in your head it becomes one of the worst days ever. I've been singing Bang Your Head to try and drown the singing banana out.

Brent said...

But on the other hand if it means we'll win 6-1 I'll listen to Nannerpuss all day.

Tyler said...

Brent there's no way anything is in your head besides Like A Boss right now.

Brent said...

Sad but true....

Promote Synergy!

Baroque said...

Ah, hockey fandom during the playoffs - the shortest distance between "rational human being" and "superstitious twisted whackbasket." :)

Gabriel P. said...

No WAY...when I smoke crack I always take off my pants too.

That just can't be a coincidence.