May 30, 2009

Stanley Cup Finals, Game 1 pregame

It's the Finals.  This means, of course, that it's business time.

MacLeod has the word from Babcock:  "Datsyuk and Draper aren't playing Game 1.  Lidstrom and Ericsson will."  Well, that'll make you limp.  


Bruce also knows this:  The Ericsson/Lebda pairing will be all over Jordan Staal's junk.  Don't question how he knows this, just roll with it.

The Wings will go with these pairings tonight ...


If Pavel isn't ready by now, 24 more hours likely won't make a difference.  So it's probably safe to bet that he's not going to be in Game 2.



"It's not something I want to go through again," center Jordan Staal said. "I can't say I can really describe it. It was one of the hardest moments of my life, so far.

It's a deep blow that no one wants to go through. I don't know if I'm over it yet. It's still there, at times. It's always still a bitter feeling."


For anyone thinking that the Pens are the same team as last year:  You're out of your mind.  It's going to feel like we're trying to kill Michael Meyers.


A great analysis from Tony at The Confluence.

Slow down the Detroit transition game.  This was the main facet of Detroit’s game that impressed me the most last year.  As soon as one of the Wings got possession of the puck, it was out of the zone, and quick.  It’s not easy to stop that, but you can slow it down by not having the defensemen constantly backing up on their heels.  But it’s that excellent transition game that quite often results in odd-man rushes.


Brent edited the banner up top and the side graphic thing with Emilio.  It's all hockey-all the time around these parts, officially.  Lick our balls, Lions.


This weekend we're dealing with a wedding, a graduation, and work.  We'll try to update when possible.


Between ugliness and threatening to kill people, no stone has been unturned.  This series could potentially break the Internet.  There's not much else to add, but it should be noted that Nannerpuss is getting a little help today from a special friend.

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Triple Deke Staff said...

Oops, LeVar snuck in there twice. Fixed. Hope that didn't cancel out the mojo.

Baroque said...

NOTHING can cancel the mojo of LeVar Burton.

With younger brothers and sisters, you watch a lot more afternoon cartoons and PBS than most people. I remember Reading Rainbow well - some of the lines from books that were read my siblings and I can still quote to each other. :)

Nate A said...

I'm pretty sure that's Brett Lebda playing guitar in that video.

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