May 24, 2009

Wings @ Blackhawks pregame - Of all the overpriced choke artists...

 ... Brian Campbell is the one who says this:

“I thought (Kronwall) jumped. I thought Marty didn’t have the puck. I thought his forearm came up high. I thought it was gutless all around,’’ Campbell said. “He’s done it hundreds of times in the league and it seems like nothing ever happens. ... These guys gotta pay for it, guys that are taking shots to the head. It’s unacceptable, and it’s not like it’s the first time it’s happened with that guy.”

Apparently Campbell didn't see the handiwork from Nathan at Kukla's Korner.

Turns out there wasn't as much time to talk about Game 3 as was previously imagined.  I was going to bypass the Kronwall discussion until Campbell said that.

Some people are claiming that NHL rules stipulate it doesn't matter how close the puck is to the player -- if he doesn't touch it, it's interference.  So like, hypothetically, if the puck takes a slightly different angle off the boards (I'm talking a variance of maybe a couple degrees), and hits him in the skate, and THEN he has his life wrecked ......... what the fuck are we even talking about?  You mean to tell me that the same people who can't tell a hold from a cock in their mouths can judge the difference between a clean hit and a five minute major/game misconduct?  And this difference is maybe an inch?  The thought of an inch separating a clean hit with no penalty and a major penalty is a joke (I understand what the rule is -- agreeing with it is a different story).  This was a panic call, plain and simple.  Havlat's lifeless corpse was weighing on the officials' minds, and they didn't want a total war to break out, which they assumed would've happened had Kronwall stayed in the game.

Campbell is essentially doing what some fans are doing by saying "his arm came up", "he jumped", etc:  They're using his past indiscretions to explain away any chance that he's innocent in this case.  "Hundreds of times" Brian?  That doesn't sound a little excessive to you?  He did it a few times in the playoffs last year and people called him out on it.  Shit, I'm acknowledging it right now -- he has left his feet and brought up the arm more than a couple of times.

But to imply that it's a weekly occurrence is ignorant.  He went the first four months of the season practically invisible compared to the physicality he showed in the '08 playoffs.  Unless my blinding homerism has washed away memories of a similar instance, I don't recall anything close to last night's hit happening this year, although I could be wrong.

Still, calling it "gutless" is even more ignorant.  That's a heavy word to throw out there.  He's gutless because he didn't do the honorable thing and let Havlat collect himself and walk out of the zone untouched?  Havlat had a fucking death wish coming out with his head down like that.  I hope he'll be alright in the long run but his douche teammates are draining any sympathy from me at the current moment.

And Brian?  There's no way that you can say Kronwall "jumped" into his check anymore than you did three years ago.


Both were awesome hits.


Not directly looking ahead, but kind of inferring a possibility here:

Tyler:  "Damn, 6-2 Pens ..... Malkin with two more goals and an assist.  Crosby with his 14th goal."

Brent:  "Oh, fuck."


Abdelkader will take the place of Drapes, who has an ingrown beard hair.  Datsyuk is a maybe for right now.  Although we are still about 12 hours from the opening faceoff.  I have to get this thing up early because I'm going to work in the morning). (MacLeod)

Babcock also said that Pavel Datsyuk's status will be decided tomorrow. Datsyuk injured his foot blocking a shot in Game 2 and missed Game 3. The Red Wings practiced today, however, as though they're not expecting Datsyuk to return. Valtteri Filppula centered Datsyuk's line. 

Plus Babcock said that Abdelkader is in the lineup and will play his natural position, center. If he was planning on having Datsyuk, Abdelkader wouldn't be playing center tomorrow.

"Khabi is doing better today," said Chicago coach Joel Quenneville. "We’ll see how he presents tomorrow. He’s made good progress. Marty as well."

If Havlat cannot play, Colin Fraser will dress for Chicago.

My guess? Neither Khabi nor Havlat will play. Huet is talking like he's expecting to play: "Really my test is going to be tomorrow."


The Wings tinkered with their lines a bit, switching Cleary and Hudler.

Leino-Abdelkader-Maltby (Meech practiced at forward)

Lilja-Chelios-Kindl (scratches)


Pointless Predictions:

* Datsyuk's done for the series.

* Marian Hossa will have a humongous game.

* Huet won't quite be Garth Snow in the '97 Finals, but he'll give up a couple of goals that he shouldn't have.

* Red Wings 6-3 Blackhawks.  Of all the "Pointless Prediction" segments we've done, this one is  the closest to simple "wishful thinking" rather than what the gut is saying.  I'd just really, really like to see an inspired effort today.

I don't know.  I thought it would help.


RT said...

can we please send that shot from kukla's korner to colin campbell and stephen walkom in toronto so they will change this retarded ass rule that if a player CHOOSES not to touch the puck that it's still illegal to hit him

i understand that all the refs saw was havlat's corpse with his eyes rolled into the back of his head but goddamn, you have to keep your head up playing this game or nik jr. is gonna lay your bitch ass out

there is no doubt in my mind that if the wings have all 6 defensemen and that play isn't called as a 5 minute major the red wings win that game

fuck the police (i.e. refs)

players should decide the fate of games not the refs which has been the case way too often this postseason

hockeychic said...

I really hope your pointless prediction is right. I feel horrible about everything in this series this morning and I felt good on Friday. Ugh, playoff stress is getting to me.

Anonymous said...

I am typing this as the game is half over and the Wings are ahead 5-1. My mind is racing about Wednesday's pregame ritual. It will now involve a rally cap, the lighting of candles and now either a crappy Denny's Grand Slam or an anthropomorphic fruit puppet. Damn you, Tyler.


Baroque said...

Instead of an anthropomorphic fruit puppet, how about making teeth out of orange peel? I did that all the time in grade school. :)

TDeters said...

Tyler! You called it! You just predicted that the Hawks would actually show up and score three goals. The finals will be epic, and I will have to be medicated in order to watch it.

Tyler said...

I don't believe it. Hossa had two goals and an assist, Huet let in a few softies, and the Wings put up six goals. Aside from an upcoming Wings/Pens Final, I may never be right about anything ever again for the rest of my life. I just hope I'm not coming off like Bill Simmons right now; whenever he correctly calls something he brags about it like he went back in time and killed Hitler.

- Tyler

Baroque said...

I expect to see nannerpus on Wednesday. Just to be safe.