June 7, 2009

50 Hours

How gaffloshing happy are you about Game 5?

And be honest -- did you just Google "gaffloshing" just to see if it's a real word?  No unearthly idea what I'm saying right now.  I'm still on like Cloud 67 from last night.  With Datsyuk's return, I've been walking around all day feeling like Charlie after he finds the last golden ticket, except I don't look like a transvestite.

We're just over two full days away.  Whether they won or lost last night, Sunday to Tuesday would still feel like weeks.  And at the end of this 50 hour tunnel, we'll all crawl out of our makeshift homes under our nearest freeway overpass, huddle together outside of a Radio Shack window to watch the game like the jobless vermin that we all are, beg the passing strangers for spare Slim Jim money, and hopefully watch our team hoist the Cup.  Then we'll retreat back to our cardboard mansions and sleep like babies.


I've probably linked this video two dozen times on this blog.  I don't care.  If you watch it four times a day like I do, it can prevent cancer.  Hopefully there will be a fifth one to add to that collection two days from now.

(P.S: I'm quitting life if there's a 7th Game.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the link again. I am so glad that Darren McCarty is on this Red Wings team. Even if he never sees another shift (which will probably be the case). He deserves his name on the cup again for that goal. He deserves it for when he pummeled Lemieux. Does it make me a bad person that whenever I think of that beating, I smile?


Tyler said...

It's also 12 years to the day of that game, which I didn't realize until now.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the Nannerpuss.

I absolutely relished in the beatdown and ensuing metldown(C)rosby and the rest of his collection of pouting adolescents got handed to them Saturday night. Bettman's face said it all, "I am an idiot for promoting him the face of the NHL."

I'd love to see the Wings parade the Holy Grail around the Mellon Center on Tuesday; how is that for the best-ever STFU.

(P.S: I'm quitting life if there's a 7th Game.). If there is a game 7, life is probably quitting me.
Jeff OKWingnut

Tyler said...

"If there is a game 7, life is probably quitting me."

That's deep, man.

You know what I was thinking about Nannerpuss? I should've used him for Game 4, because we'd be going for the (banana) split in Pittsburgh. Get it? Banana? Split? 'Cause you take the banana ... and you .... road games .... I'm sorry.

RT said...

you're probably better off sticking to your big guns like the splinter in the taint jokes

that still makes me laugh btw

Wings_Fan_In_KC said...

The defending Champs showed up to play Saturday. Goddamn right. I just hope that the "imposter" team that dropped Game 3 doesn't show back up in Pittsburgh. Datsyuk had over 17 minutes of ice time, 2 assists and was +2 on the night. That guy is a friggin difference maker.

For players with so much talent, both Crosbaby and Malkin are whiny little puds who need to grow up. Crosbaby a leader? Puh-leeease. He's so far from a leader it's pathetic. Crosbaby was all about the stick work Saturday.....mainly because he won't really fight.

I take that back, Malikn's not whiny, he's sneaky and a bit underhanded when things aren't going his way. Examples? (1) Elbow to Mule's head in the first period. (2) Nice blind crosscheck in Mule's lower back with about 2 min's to go there Malkin. I really wish Franzen had just dropped him but Mule's too important to the team so glad he didn't.

How many Shittsburgh players lost it and got thrown out of that game? Good gawd.......lack of discipline, lack of professionalism, lack of cohesiveness.

Game 6 looms......

J.J. from Kansas said...

You could pull out Nannerpuss for game 6 and we could go for making some banana nut bread.

Do with that what you will.