June 1, 2009

Dry your eyes

From the mastermind who brought you the Legal Kronwall Hit, Moocat over at Kukla's Korner brings to you this.

Pascal Dupuis breaking his stick on Marian Hossa's skate/leg.


Crosby shoots the puck into Zetterberg.


In Game 1, Hank puts his hand over the puck atop Ozzie's back.  That's a penalty shot.

In Game 2, Hank blocks a shot.  Nowhere in that video can you definitively say he did anything worthy of giving the Pens a penalty shot.  You'd have to do a lot of assuming.  And the fluid loss from crying would probably make you pass out.

Other than that the Wings are completely cheating their way to an embarrassing 12th Stanley Cup.  It's a disgrace.  We're so ashamed.


Cameron Kittle said...


Oh, I'm ashamed alright.

Go Wings

RT said...

All of this pittsburgh "bad luck" just makes me laugh and think of crosby "defiantly" touching the prince of wales trophy...the hockey gods do not favor your lack of blind, unsubstantiated superstition sid