June 7, 2009

God that felt good

Stanley Cup Finals, Game 5
Red Wings 5-0 Penguins

Wings are 11-1 at the Joe in these playoffs.  They haven't lost a home playoff game in regualtion since Game 5 of the '08 Conference Finals.  The last two home losses were triple overtime marathons.  This could mean nothing, or could mean that having the last change is a big deal, and teams nealy have to kill themselves in order to beat the Wings in Detroit.  

Zetterberg is still picking the splinters out of his taint after coming over the boards so many times during Games 3 and 4.  So he has to love coasting out to the faceoff dot against Crosby, as opposed to chasing him down from the bench at full speed.  And he drove Crosby to the brink of homicide tonight, to the point where the finalist for the Mark Messier's Penis Award slashed and punched Z until right around his bedtime, which was apparently the 14:08 mark of the 3rd Period.  Matt had one of the better lines I've read in some time in regards to Z's perofrmance:  "Zetterberg looked like a man freed from wrongful imprisonment."

Hard to top that one.  I'll just say that he's our MVP.  He has been the heart, the soul, the legs, the hair, the beard, and everything else.  Other thoughts ...

  • Datsyuk wasn't at full speed, but still had a great impact on the game with his passing.  He had two assists, but more importantly was probably the mental boost it gave to his teammates.  He played 17:38, but Babcock held him off the PK unit.
  • Hossa had an assist and led the team with 8 hits.
  • So much for the guys losing their composure in Game 4 -- they looked liked 18 guys on one page tonight.  I'm sure it was discreetly handled by a 45 second speech from Lidstrom, followed by one of those team-unity videos that your job shows you like once every six months.
  • The entire defense was superb all game, aside from those pesky first five minutes.  After that they swallowed up everything in sight and continually deflected shots, to the point where deep into the 3rd period you realized that Ozzie didn't really have to do much of anything all night.
  • Pav's return allowed the reuniting of the Goldilocks and Two Bears line, which did quite a job on Malkin (minus-1, 3 penalties).
  • Dan Cleary is a preposterous +18 in the playoffs.  The Pens had the momentum from the start of the game to the middle of the period when things evened up a bit, but after his goal it was all Detroit. 
  • Kunitz is still a Duck as far as I'm concerned.
  • Hypothetical question:  Should the Wings win Game 6 or 7, does Malkin win the Conn Smythe?  Not "do you think he SHOULD win it", but do you think they'll give it to him.  They're really slobbing over the "most points since Gretzky in '93" thing, and it wouldn't shock me if he won it.  He's got 11 more points than any Wing (Zetterberg: 24), but with all those points, he's only a plus-2.  That stands out to me.  Z leads the Wings in points, wipes out the opposition's top line, and had the team on his back in the absence of Datsyuk, so he would have my imaginary vote.  You know, just because of those reasons -- not because of a bias or anything.


Holy shit.  One more win away.  No jobs to get in the way either -- Triple Deke HQ will be packed Tuesday night in hopes of a Stanley orgy.  This never, ever gets old.

Go Wings.


RT said...

"Zetterberg is still picking the splinters out of his taint after coming over the boards so many times during Games 3 and 4."

thats just plain funny, i dont care who you are.

2 days off are gonna do wonders for our legs. cant wait for tuesdays possible coronation.

Anonymous said...


God, I hope they wrap this up in game six. All they need to do is win one measly road game. Game sevens are too nerve-wracking.

I don't see Malkin getting the Conn-Smythe unless Pittsburgh wins. It would be different if there wasn't a player on Detroit who stood out, during the playoffs, but that isn't the case this year.

After all the stuff he took last year for being tired at the end of a long season and probably also sick, I am glad he's playing well. He still needs to grow up some (but he's just a kid), but once he tempers his fire with a little maturity, Malkin is going to be very good in the league for a long time.

Of course, I hope that this postseason all his tremendous statistics are in a losing cause. :)


Anonymous said...

What an odd experience - watching a Stanley Cup Game and not being completely stressed out. It was, dare I say, almost enjoyable :) That wide open stuff in the 3rd period..... poetry. My only angst was watching and hoping against cheap shots by the frustrated Pens. With 2 days rest until the next game I predict Experience trumps youth. Admittedly, Opie didn't see much action - but a shutout none the less. Go Opie!!!!!

And yes, pantless here in Ann Arbor.


J.J. from Kansas said...

It'd be real hard justifying giving the Conn Smythe to a non-goalie of a losing team, especially one who had to be saved from a well-deserved suspension. There are quite a few Red Wings players ahead of him in the running, unless the Penguins win the series.

Also, Malkin's not the face of the league. Give Crosby as many points as his Russian counterpart and I'm legitimately concerned.

Cameron Kittle said...

I gotta give the MVP to Ozzie, just because Z won last year. Ozzie's turnaround has been beyond ridiculous and proved so many people wrong (especially me), so I feel like he deserves it. The Wings wouldn't be here if he played like he did in the regular season.

Osrt said...

Quality as always fellas. Just a quick hello from India––the one that Columbus was trying to get to.


hockeychic said...

Kunitz is still a Duck in my book too. I said last night when he was throwing punches at Darren Freaking Helm, "Once a Duck, always a Duck."

cmk said...

These playoffs have given me the depressive lows and giddy highs that I experienced with my first love affair. Hopefully, the outcome will be much, much happier!

Although Malkin doesn't really deserve the Conn Smythe--despite the number thing--it wouldn't surprise me if he got it no matter who wins the Cup. NOTHING this league does would surprise.

Tyler said...

Mirtle has a post up on the Malkin/Conn Smythe subject.


Anonymous said...

detroit is shitty and washed up and its only a matter of time before they all need wheel chairs coming off the ice. marion hossa is a bum and absolutely no help at all to the red wings.. if you look up red wings on urban dictionary youl find it says red wings are what you get when you **** a girl on the rag

Brent said...

Bravo Mr. Troll, Bravo.

Brent said...

Ugh, the thought of winning and a Pen winning the Conn Smythe is gross.

If the Wings can win Tuesday though, I bet both trophies will go to our own "old, worn down, decrepit" Red Wings.