June 3, 2009

A little Datsyuk wouldn't hurt

Stanley Cup Finals, Game 3
Penguins 4-2 Red Wings

You can never be prepared for the feeling of a loss in the Finals.

  • The Penguins' were dominant with possessing the puck in the Wings' end during the first five minutes.  I feared that this was how the entire game would look, but actually this may have been the best the Pens looked 5-on-5 the entire game.  They made the Wings pay for their penalties.
  • Ozzie had his first off night in a while.  He made a couple of huge saves, but the Letang goal was limp-dick horrible.  I thought he could've been in better position on Talbot's one-timer goal, but I'm not a goalie coach so what the fuck do I know.
  • Zetterberg with another great game, picking up a goal and an assist, and holding Crosby in check for much of the game once again.  His play in the absence of Datsyuk has been phenomenal.
  • Turnovers and losing puck battles in Wings own end and drove me to murder a litter of puppies after the game.  Lidstrom was guilty of an impossibly bad give-away to Crosby in the 1st that nearly led to a goal.  And Darren Helm took at least four years off my life in the 3rd period when he blindly backhanded a puck into the slot.  
  • The thing that bothered me most about the game was how there was absolutely no attempt to get pucks and traffic to the net.  On 90% of the Wings' possessions it felt like they weren't coming into the zone with any speed, and were content to just cycle the puck.  When that leads to scoring chances and works, it's great, but when nothing was happening, there needed to be an adjustment.
  • They had a good finish to the 2nd period, and had a chance to put a stranglehold on the series going into the 3rd.  The Pens seemed tenative and somewhat cautious -- it was THE time to take advantage of this.  The game was there's to take.  And they didn't do it.
  • On the Pens 3rd goal, they spent their entire power play in the Wings end.  As each second ticked by it became more clear that a goal was coming.  The Wings needed to win just one battle and clear it.  And they didn't do it.
  • Terrible game from Hossa.  His worst game in months.  Just completely ineffective in almost every way.  (Must be the natural let-down from signing that double secret contract extension.)
  • Hudler has one point since Game 2 of the Chicago series and looks like he's in a serious funk.  Every time he gets the puck, he seems to stop completely, look around in a panic, and then make the wrong decision.  It's mesmerizing.
  • I don't know what I was watching that a lot of Wings fans weren't:  the officiating wasn't great, but no different than previous three games.  As for the 6-on-5 thing:  I'm more worried that it happened for the league's sake than how it effected the Wings (since no goals were scored) ... that was just a fucking embarrassment.  How Ed Olczyk was the only fucker in the building that caught this was incredible.  But to read some of the comments, you'd think that the Pens scored three times with that "man advantage".  Yes the Wings should've had a power play, but we got away with Sammy's interference in Game 2 and Hank covering the puck in the crease in Game 1.  If people are talking about the bad officiating from the standpoint that it's just been shitty in general, then that's one thing -- but I disagree with any "we got jobbed" bullshit.  Not looking to start any arguments, but I think people need to acknowledge that a winnable game escaped them before we talk about the refs on this one.


Keith M said...

...the officiating wasn't great, but no different than previous three games.

Couldn't agree more. In fact, I'd rather they swallow their whistles like this a little more often - I mean, missing the 6 on 5 and the stick-to-the-head on Franzen both sucked, but would we prefer (to borrow a phrase) 'activist referees'?

I think not - we all know that down that path lies madness

Anonymous said...

The game was there's to take. And they didn't do it.

That pisses me off most. The Wings had to be gassed, I shudder to think they were nervous. I did notice the Wings playing with teflon sticks last night. Even on short passes, the puck wouldn't settle.
Jeff OKWingnut

Rumbear said...

"How Ed Olczyk was the only fucker in the building that caught this was incredible."

Funny how even a 40 watt bulb can sometimes provide some light isn't it?

Th Wings looked tired and did not have the gas to seal the deal in the third.

RT said...

I didn't think Hossa looked all that bad. He generated some good opportunities but the Penguins were keying on him and finishing every check to keep the crowd in it while they were getting outplayed in the 2nd.

Game 4's are Hossa time.
2 goals tomorrow

..i hope

Tyler said...

Yeah after sleeping on it, Hos didn't have much help in the way of people driving to the net, which would've freed him up at least a little bit. Once the Pens' D settled in and realized the Wings weren't making a surge, they were able to mark him pretty well. How much of this was due to the Wings being fatigued is something I'm worried about.

cmk said...

OMG!?!? They LOST last night?!?! I knew something bad happened, but every time I try to remember, my mind forces me to my happy place. However, there IS one very strange, recurring thought I have: Must NOT wear pants Thursday night! Curious...I have to investigate.