June 19, 2009

Probably the best picture I've ever seen

Congratulations to Datsyuk (huge fan of our site, definitely will see this) for his repeating triumphs of the Byng and Selke trophies.

I was fairly certain that Richards would take away the Selke, but perhaps the national media doesn't love his balls as much as I perceive them to. In the 15 NHL seasons since 1994, the award has been won by a Red Wings six times: Fedorov in '94 and '96, Yzerman in 2000, Draper in 2004, Datsyuk in '08 and '09.

The deadpanned "Second" was superb. Pav's the best.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Pavel. Well deserved!

Okay - now the secret is out. We know what Cheli is doing in the off season. Did you see that haircut??? He must have been cast in the 3 Stooges movie and is the new Moe. Ouch.


RT said...

Best player/orator in the league today and he only got 4 first place votes for the hart, what a shame!

How am I supposed to trust a group of writers that has a member who thought that brian rafalski deserved a first place vote for the Norris?

Tyler said...

Whhaaa?? Raf had a first place vote? Was Brian Rafalski's mom one of the voters?

I'm curious though, RT, where does one find that voting information? I gave a quick look but had no luck.

RT said...


For your viewing pleasure, sir. Selke race was tantalizingly close as well.

Tyler said...

Thanks RT. I love that I tried searching it first and gave up, rather than stopping by Puck Daddy or Mirtle's site which I do like 15 times per day anyhow. Chalk it up to homework, I suppose.

And I also love that somebody out there thought that Jeff Carter was the second most valuable player to his team this year. Great statistical season, but come on. There's always oddities in sports voting, like how obvious HOF candidates don't get 100% votes. Weird stuff, I tell you.

RT said...

Yea it seems that writers always like to either be obnoxious homers or cling to the top 3 or 4 big market teams when they vote on this sort of thing. Boston players seemed to be getting a lot of love this year while between the six Canadian teams only Ryan Kesler made the top 3 for any major award and he was a distant third in the selke race.