June 22, 2009

Red Wings part with Chelios

After turning down a new contract that would've paid $7.50/hour over the remaining 8 years of his life, Chris Chelios was let go by the Wings today. Khan with the details.

Red Wings general manager Ken Holland met with Chelios on Monday afternoon and informed the future Hall-of-Fame defenseman that he will not be offered a contract for next season.

"He's been a tremendous Red Wing; we've done a lot of winning with him in a Red Wings uniform,'' Holland said. "It's time for us to create opportunities for some of our younger kids.''

Holland informed Chelios last summer that his 25th NHL season likely would be his last in Detroit. Chelios' role was reduced. He appeared in only 28 games during the regular season and six in the playoffs.

There might be a tendency to say "About time" after hearing such news, but let's give the guy his due. He's been a great Red Wing over the past 10 years. And yeah, it's weird to think that he first came to the team when we were in 7th grade -- it just doesn't feel like it was that long ago. Best of luck to him.

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Anonymous said...

I am speechless. BEST. VIDEO. EVER.

How long until McDonald's starts serving lunch so I can get a Royale with cheese.