June 9, 2009

Stanley Cup Finals, Game 6 pregame

This is the fifth day in our lives that we've woken up (not next to each other) knowing the Wings could win the Stanley Cup by night's end. They've yet to disappoint, winning the previous four times. (--EDIT-- insane error that nobody caught: Game 5 of last year's finals. Wow. End edit--)

What was so shocking about Game 6 of the Anaheim series was, simply, that the Wings didn't win. That's just what they do in that situation. They were 13-0 in Game 6's when up 3 games to 2. 11 of those 13 were road games. You could probably throw in a cliche about smelling blood at this point, and it would be accurate. They just never seem to fail.

But throw Game 6's aside for a moment, and think back to what the four Cup-clinching wins looked like.

In '97 there was no force on this planet that was going to prevent the Wings from winning that game. Ron Hextall and Garth Snow's shoulder pads could've been occupying the crease at the same time, and McCarty still scores that goal. If one of the alien spacecrafts from Independence Day was about to strike down upon Joe Louis Arena, Doug Brown would've sacrificed his life to blow it up. Nothing was keeping them from the Cup -- certainly not the Legion of Doom line.

You knew that they would win that game like you know Subway is always going to be out of the type of bread you want (would it kill them to have the monterey cheddar available just one fucking time?). It isn't sad or pathetic at all to say that, for die-hard Wing fans, this was one of the happiest days of your life.

Game 4 of the 1998 Stanley Cup was played with an equal amount of certainty. And if you weren't convinced of that through the first two periods, you were when Vladdy stood up in the crowd and the bench gave him a standing ovation in the 3rd. Words can't really describe that moment, and needless to say, the Wings weren't losing that game. There was a better chance that Yzerman would turn on the Wings by chopping Ozzie over the head with an axe.

The 2002 Carolina Hurricanes were like the worst team to ever make the Finals. On paper, at least. On the ice they were a tough team to dominate, let alone win against because of their disgusting, defensive system. It looked ugly, but it worked about as well as it could, and the Canes got everything they could out of their players that year. Game 1 was a shot to the nuts -- an OT loss that we don't care to remember; Game 2 was incredibly tense, and wasn't decided until a late one-timer by Nick Lidstrom; Game 3 was a Triple Overtime barn-burner, and one of the greatest Red Wings games in their history (as well as the night that the "no pants" superstition was born); Game 4 was the Wings' best game of the series and a 3-0 win.

Game 5 was a one-goal game late in the 3rd when Shanny hit every Wing fan's favorite empty netter to seal the Cup. He tackled Yzerman in celebration and inspired people to do the same in their living rooms. Now, this was five games -- but in no way was it easy. In fact we should thank God everyday that that series isn't still going on.

Last year was certainly a test. Games 1 and 2 feel like they were a part of an entirely different series. And then Games 3 through 6 took about 10 years off our respective lives.

That picture signifies how close the latter half of this series was. The confidence level going into Game 6 was ..... confusing. Nobody had a functioning brain after Game 5 but the Wings put to bed what could've been a sports travesty by finishing that series in Pittsburgh.


The Pens are going to give everything they have, and that much should be obvious. As tough as it was to put them away last year it's going to be even worse this time around. Losing two Stanley Cups on their home ice is a sickening feeling that they don't want to experience.

Because of this, it's imperative that the Wings get a good start tonight. It has to happen. Any let up at all and their will be a seventh game Friday night.

No links or quotes today. No injuries to report. Just hang on to your ass and hope for a win.


Anonymous said...

Datsyuk will be taken of Zatta's line if Bylsma splits Rosby and Malkin. Hank and Pavel will be called upon to minimize damage. Wings 3and 4 lines will score enough. Ozzie will be stellar. Thid, the NHL poster boy, will be crying Daddy all night. I expect a repeat of Penguin frustration as it becomes apparent that they simply have no answers to the DET machine. Wings win, fairly easily.

Where art thou Nannerpuss?
Jeff OKWingnut

J.J. from Kansas said...

Screw the fans. I have a feeling the more boring this game is from an outsider's perspective, the more beautiful it will be for a Wings fan.

My prediciton, Matt Cooke and Maxime Talbot give each other mono from making out on the bench after discussing what's the best way to rough up a guy.

Cameron Kittle said...

8:00am - I wake up for work, feeling pretty normal.
9:00am - I leave for work and start to feel the stress creeping up on me.
Noon - Am I eating lunch or is stress eating me?
Now (2:51pm) - Done. I am absolutely struggling with the stress and anticipation...wanting to vomit what I ate three hours ago.

There's nothing like gamedays when the Cup is already in the building. Ooh boy.

"Hold on to your ass and hope for win" is exactly right. The next five hours until gametime will be hell...Go Wings!

Chris Moore said...

My facebook picture is now nannerpus.

Go wings.

Anonymous said...

As God as my witness(or Colleen Howe - whoever is in charge now)..... I had a banana split for dinner the last 2 nights. Nothing else, just a banana split. Then I read Tyler's comment in a previous post about banana splits and I think - Just a coincidence? I think NOT! Let's Go Wings!


Triple Deke Staff said...

Nannerpuss didn't take the morning skate, but he's in as of 3:37 PM. It didn't feel right not having him here today.

cmk said...

My husband--poor, poor baby--is getting ready to leave for work and I will be here watching alone. Hopefully he won't come home in the morning and find me in the corner crying in a puddle of my own drool. I now have to go and find drugs--lots and lots of drugs--to help me get through tonight.

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows who to blame - one of my coworkers starts his shift at 4:00 am tomorrow morning, so he is hoping for overtime so the game is still going on tied 1-1 when he wakes up at 2:00 am.

I told him if that happens, win or lose, he's a dead man. :)


Brent said...

Pants off: Check
Nannerpuss: Check

Looks like everything's in order for the game.

It's days like this that remind me why i'm a hockey fan (as if I really needed a reminder).

Chris Moore said...

fuck nannerpuss.

Brent said...

Feels like I've been kicked in the balls.

Triple Deke Staff said...

Agreed Chris. We're taking him behind the shed right now.