June 12, 2009

Stanley Cup Finals, Game S.... Game Sev...... (deep breath) .... Game Seven pregame

Plenty of great reads this morning, none more superb than this.

And so for the next 24 hours the anguish is going to betray you.  Have a real productive day at work tomorrow.  Go ahead. Let me know how that goes for you.  Kiss the wife goodbye, or just put your lips on the nightstand and whisper to it. Whisper nice things to it, make promises and declarations.  It makes no difference.  You won’t remember a word you said anyway and if he or she tries to tell you later that you were literally kissing and speaking to a table you thought was your spouse? They’re lying.  Lying liars.


Excellent MacLeod, per usual:

Babcock also tried to revisit great Stanley Cup clinching games of the past with his players, but ran into a bit of a generation gap.

“I talked about the '72 Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup,” said Babcock. “Then I said to Helmer (Darren Helm), ‘What year were you born?’ He said, ‘'87.’ I said, ‘Okay.


The last thing we will link this season comes from Snapshots, found at the Globe and Mail -- and it's not pleasant.  Basically, Patrick Kane likes touching testicles.

Inquiring minds wanted to know why Detroit's incomparable defenceman Nick Lidstrom missed the final two games of the Western Conference final between the Red Wings and Chicago. The media spoke only of the ubiquitous "lower-body" injury. And when Lidstrom appeared tired and mistake-prone in the Final against Pittsburgh, questions were raised again about his fitness to play. Was it an ankle? A knee? Under the NHL's Orwellian injury disclosure policy, a postal-code approximation of the hurt was all that was given to the media.
Actually, Lidstrom had a damaged testicle from being pitch-forked by Chicago's Patrick Sharp in Game 3 of the Western final. He needed all the time between the cheap shot and Game One of the final to rehab the injury. As Paul Harvey used to say, "Now you know the rest of the story".

While it's considerate to Lidstrom that such an . . . er, intimate injury be hushed up, the cover-up damages the league's credibility in several ways. First, we now have a better understanding that Lidstrom was not tired or old or ready for retirement-- as suggested by more than one announcer or reporter. Second, the cover-up denied the opportunity to expose Sharp's disrespectful abuse of one of the league's superstars - a necessary discussion in lieu of the league's willful denial on head shots.

What can you even add to that.  I'm sure Kane's ball juggling will be fully addressed by the time we play the Hawks again.


It still hasn't quite hit me.  And I fear that it won't until CBC shows the players in the tunnel waiting to come out, with the Joe absolutely losing it's shit, at which point my eyes will melt out of my skull.

The players will skate around and losen up, and Marc-Andre Fleury will try his damndest not to trip over anything.  Then Karen Newman will sing the national anthem, an octopi or three will hit the ice and we'll be ready to go.  It's the same routine as every game.  Yet it will be nothing like any other one before it.

I've wussed out on the Pointless Predictions this series.  Today, I'm saying screw it.

Red Wings 4-2 Penguins ............  and please, no Overtime.

Good luck to everyone.


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Good Luck to you too, sir. I was going to comment before - but I'm freakin' brain dead. The only thing I can type is "Opie"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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No words...

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