June 28, 2009

That might be all she wrote

Khan says ...

"Red Wings GM Ken Holland not optimistic on chances for deal with free agent Marian Hossa"

The Red Wings have 19 players signed for approximately $53.5 million. The salary cap for next season is $56.8 million. The club needs to sign three more forwards.

Sources said the team is offering Hossa a front-loaded deal in the neighborhood of $4 million a season and that Winter is seeking a pact worth $6 million a year. Winter could not be reached for comment.

Even if the Red Wings signed Hossa to the lower cap number, they would need to trim some salary, which they are reluctant to do.


A dude from Edmonton says ....

If Marian Hossa doesn't take the Red Wings' long-term offer for between $4 and $5 million a year, Detroit will trade his negotiating rights, likely by Monday, two days before free agency opens.

Reliable sources say the Los Angeles Kings, who are looking for a marquee player and have lots of salary cap room, will come hardest after the unrestricted free agent. They could play Hossa with Anze Kopitar.


Here's some great roster detail from Gorilla Crouch, as Dave makes his triumphant blogging return.

Just for fun let’s play with the idea that Hossa will sign with Detroit for $4 million a year on average. Here is what I think needs to occur for this to happen.

There are two options for signing Hossa for $4 million: trade two forwards or one d-man .... Trading a defensemen would be very tricky given the guy most likely to be moved in a pure salary swap - Brad Stuart - has a no-trade clause through next season. You would also need to replace a top 4 defenseman and that would be nearly impossible given the small amount of cap space Detroit would have remaining. The only way this could work would be if the organization really believed Jonathan Ericsson was ready to play top 4 minutes.

The Hossa Experiment was certainly an interesting one. Can you say it was a failure just because the Wings fell a couple goals shy of the Cup? Hardly. The only change from the 2008 Championship roster was an upgrade talent-wise from Dallas Drake to Hossa, and you can't say that cohesiveness or chemistry was an issue. Injuries ended up being a huge factor (not at all an excuse for the loss, just pointing out something that was out of his control). After having a few weeks to unwind after the unbearable tension of Game 7, we're ready at last to move on with this, whether Hoss is on the train or not. It definitely feels like a "not" right about now. Given the way that Dave so expertly outlined the roster and the cap, how can the Wings think about sacrificing anyone for Hossa, given that a very, very good lineup (dare we say "elite"? No, no, wouldn't want to tear a hole in the Sun or anything) won the Cup without him in '08?

If he does move on, he won't receive any ill-wishes from our end. No way can we justify blasting a dude who sought out the Wings in an effort to win a championship at the risk of losing gobs of money elsewhere. Athletes simply don't do that while they're in their primes. It's virtually unheard of. This has been said here at least a thousand times.

But we'll always wonder what was going through his head as NBC cameras stared him down on the Wings' bench, moments after the haunting chorus of cheering Penguins filled Joe Louis Arena. After that game we talked about enduring images that will be forever etched in our brains, and this series gave us a handful of them. There was Kronwall's dejection. There was that moment right before Cleary's breakaway in Game 6, where you saw Pav with the puck and the pass coming before it even happened. And then you had that shot of Hoss squirting water into his mouth after the Pens did the unimaginable, almost as if he was like, "well shit, what am I suppose to do now?"

The answer to that, of course, is to take a six million dollar pay cut and give it one more try.


RT said...

Kenny needs to do the right thing here and trade the rights for a bruiser and some draft picks. With another long term front loaded contract and a plummeting cap number in the next couple years we're gonna be completely handcuffed when guys like Helm, Ericsson, and Abdelkader come asking for more money in 2-3 years. It was a fun ride but the proverbial honeymoon is over, and it's time to see what our young guys are made of.

Anonymous said...

Hossa - that poor bastard. I wonder how much sleep he is getting.


cmk said...

I agree that Hossa should go. I like him and wish he could stay, but it just hurt too much to be so close to the cap this past year. The Wings did better than well without him and will be fine without him again. Time to move on and bring up the talent from GR. By the way, is it October yet?

Dave said...

Yeah I'd agree on trading Hossa's rights for whatever you can get. He signed for one year for a purpose and unfortunately it didn't work out the way we wanted.

I was 100% against signing Dallas Drake and can admit I was completely, utterly, gloriously wrong on that one. But I can learn from my mistakes. Replace Hossa with a low-cost banger and move on.