June 23, 2009

Well, this may conflict our rooting interests

"Report: Babcock will coach Team Canada"

According to a report in the Toronto Globe and Mail Tuesday, Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock will be named head coach of the 2010 Canadian Olympic men's hockey team in Montreal Thursday.

According to the Globe and Mail report, Hockey Canada has been secretive about who would coach Team Canada at the 2010 Games in Vancouver. Steve Yzerman, the executive director of Canada's Olympic team, who knows Babcock very well from their time with the Red Wings, is expected to make the announcement Thursday as the hockey world gathers in Montreal for the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.


This announcement doesn't change the fact that we were already gay for the upcoming Olympics anyway. But the '10 Winter Games and the '10 Red Wings season just got a bit more interesting.

Think about this. Babcock is already occupying the premier coaching position in the NHL, and thusly, is under more pressure to win than any other coach in the League. Now he'll be under more pressure to win than any other hockey coach at the Olympics, leading team Canada their own country. That's an unfathomable amount of stress.

Oh, and that doesn't even acknowledge the fact that like 9/10 of the Wings will be Olympians, or that a number of Canadians are some of our favorite villains. It's impossible to imagine how one would handle this. Gameplanning against a Zetterberg line? Line-matching with Crosby, Getzlaf, Iginla and Pronger? How weird is that?

With Babcock at the helm, perhaps we won't cheer for an outright embarrasment of Team Canada. But the Pointless Rankings of our rooting interest probably goes something like:

1. United States
Langenbrunner! Stastny! USA!

2. Sweden
Looking forward to Zetterberg vs. Crosby III.

3. Finland
Ideally we'd liveblog a Finland game where all of the Fil-lovers can unite and talk about his hair.

4. Slovakia
Hossa. Marcel Hossa.

5. Russia
Plenty of likeable players (unless you don't like them, of course).

6. Czech Republic
Jiri reunites with Robert Lang.

7. Canada
Ok, so nothing really changed.


Cameron Kittle said...

I'm completely torn whenever it comes to loyalty in the Olympics. Here's my rankings:

1. Sweden. Nick, Z, Franzenstein, Homer make them the team closest to the Wings. Not too many Swedish players I hate, either.
2. Canada. So many players I hate, but I love Yzerman too much to wish him failure. Babcock helps too.
3. Russia. Will I seriously have the opportunity to watch the three MVP finalists on one line?! That'd be epic.

No USA because they don't have any exciting players and Michael Phelps won't make the team, and nobody else because I just don't care enough to know who's on their rosters.

It is a bit sad though that with NHL players in the mix, the patriotism dies. If the teams were made up of all college kids, I'd be 100% for USA and the NHL wouldn't have to mess up its entire year. Oh well.

cmk said...

Frankly, I like VF's blue eyes a lot more than his hair. The smile is nice, too. ;)

Triple Deke Staff said...

Fil's piercing blue eyes are quite the knee-weakener, I must say. (That's not, like, gay is it? I mean if you change some letters around, make his name "Vallery", put some mascara on him and let his hair grow a bit, he'd look like a perfectly hot Scandinavian woman. I'm convinced. Alright that's pretty gay.)

Cam, I must admit that I let the Yzerman part of the equation slip my mind earlier. I guess I wouldn't rather see the Czechs win over Canada in that case. Maybe. But if you could promise me a scenario where Hudler scores the Gold medal-winning goal, no way do I pass up the potential of seeing the single greatest post-goal celebration in hockey history. He'd probably attempt a standing backflip and break his neck.

- Tyler

cmk said...

That might sound gay, Tyler, but I won't tell anyone! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for Russia, Sweden, and I guess USA because no one thinks they are going to medal. Although Finland would be cool, too. Also the Czech Republic.

I don't care what happens to Canada much, because anyone who is going to rip Babcock or Yzerman over losing because Canada no longer has all the best hockey players since the game is now international (the same way the US has exported basketball all over the planet) doesn't deserve them anyway as citizens of their country. :P


Andy said...

I find your lack of Norway on this list disturbing (and yes, I am just leaving this comment to see how you react to a comment on a post that is a year old)

Brent said...

What we don't understand is why Norway isn't a hockey power right up there with the rest of Scandinavia.

Andy said...

That's an excellent question Brent. It just never became a big part of the culture here. By most people it is looked at as a bit of a dumb, brutal sport, for an inner circle of testosterone filled morons. Some of that is because our hockey community is filled by testosterone filled morons.

The biggest problem though is that while Sweden and Finland both have tons of indoor ice rinks we only have a little more than 30, so it's not very accessible. And the fact hockey isn't televised much and is on weird channels hurts us too.